Spoilers for "General Hospital" tease that Friday's episode will be filled with romantic twists and turns. Several couples will have to reevaluate their relationships after certain encounters they experience on New Year's Eve. The connection between Michael and Willow is intensifying even though she continues to date Detective Chase, who also cares for Lulu. The two will kiss at the stroke of midnight, but her heart will not truly be in it. Simultaneously, Kim will share a memory from the past with Drew that will touch his heart, and they will kiss although unaware that Julian happens to be watching.

New Year's Eve in Port Charles will be revealing

Shake-ups and breakups may be headed to Port Charles on Friday according to Celeb Dirty Laundry. It seems that Willow will accompany Chase to a New Year's Eve party where Drew, Kim, and Julian will also be in attendance. Each of them will leave the event thinking differently than when they arrived. Joss visited Julian on Wednesday and suggested he step out of the way so that Oscar's parents could give him his dying wish of their getting back together.

The former mob boss insisted that there was nothing romantic between Kim and Drew, but he will change his mind when he sees them kissing at midnight. CDL spoilers say Kim will tell Drew that they conceived their son on New Year's Eve and this is when their relationship takes a turn towards romance.

This may even send Julian back into the arms of Alexis who seems to be softening towards him.

Willow and Chase may find they are not compatible

Chase has been protective of Lulu since Dante left town and it's clear they are for one another. The detective, however, is ignoring the connection, most likely out of respect for his former partner.

He has continuously attempted to force a relationship with Willow who has been bonding with Michael over their shared grief of losing children. CDL spoilers say the detective will kiss the teacher at midnight, on New Year's Eve but her heart and her mind may truly be-be with Michael.

Soap Dirt say that Michael and Chase are going to compete for the school teacher's affections and the New Year's Eve kiss just might determine who will win.

Willow could realize at midnight that she is just not that into the detective and choose Michael. Be sure to watch Friday's episode of "General Hospital" at 2;00 PM ESt on ABC to find out how these romantic entanglements will be resolved. Kim, Drew, Chase, Willow, Julian, and Michael may all have their romantic lives altered at the stroke of midnight.