On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," a new love triangle began that will bring an interesting twist to the residents of Port Charles. Sonny's dad is falling for Yvonne who is a full-time resident at the Alzheimer's facility where he spends the day. She is married to but having trouble remembering Marcus, who wanted to marry Stella when they were much younger.

Previews for Monday shows Marcus demanding that Sonny keep his dad in check and away from his wife. This may lead to danger if the mob boss feels that Mike is being threatened. In addition, Curtis and Sam are investigating a newspaper subscription that is registered to Yvonne and Kristina's new friend Daisy is in the middle of it all.

Mike is confused regarding Yvonne

On Friday's episode of "General Hospital," Sonny and Carly walked in on an interesting scene at the facility where Mike spends each day. Stella assumed that her client had picked flowers for her but he gave them to another resident named Yvonne -- who is the wife of Marcus. Mike is clearly smitten but was upset because he did not know that this new friend was married and seemed troubled with this truth. In the meantime, Curtis and Sam came in to question Yvonne regarding a newspaper subscription in her name to a paper from Sam's hometown.

Yvonne could not answer any questions and requested that Mike -- and not her husband -- take her back to her room. Sonny's dad obliged his new friend and her spouse walked behind them -- clearly upset with this turn in events.

He was troubled that his wife did not seem to remember him, but was building a relationship with her new buddy. Later, Marcus showed up at Sonny's demanding that the former mob boss keep Mike away from Yvonne.

Stella and Marcus deal with conflicting emotions

Stella cannot have a relationship with Mike because he is her client but it's clear that she really cares for him.

She is also lamenting the fact that she refused the marriage proposal she received from Marcus. When Curtis realized who his aunt was talking to, he emphasized that Stella had mentioned Marcus a time or two. Marcus still cares for Stella but is very protective of Yvonne.

Stella realized Curtis and Sam were on a case and suggested they leave, but Sam first took a photo of the newspaper that hails from the hometown she and Yvonne have in common.

At the end of the episode, Kristina's new pal Daisy was seen replacing that newspaper with a magazine, so the plot thickens. Be on the lookout for updated "GH" spoilers related to the love triangle with Marcus, Yvonne, and Mike. Keep watching daily to find out what happens next in Port Charles with Curtis, Sam, and the new investigation.