"Ex on the Beach" Season 2 premiered December 20. Ahead of episode 2 on Thursday, 27, Farrah Abraham shared a clip that showed her taking control. Fans love to hate on Farrah, and while the disapproval on her social media comes thick and fast, it seems many people just can't stay away from her. Love her or hate her, many followers can't argue with the fact that she's forceful and quick to give advice, wanted or not.

'Teen Mom' fans slam Farrah over her parenting

Teen Mom fans constantly declare Farrah a terrible mother. Actually, since she ventured into adult entertainment, the comments slamming her come even faster.

It's doubtful that Farrah worries too much about that. She knows that people have short memories, like Kim Kardashian followers. In fact, these days, it's almost as though Farrah is trying to take on the Kim Kardashian mantle. On Twitter, her recent posts mention just that. However, it is very interesting to see most of those comments come from male followers. Here's one example, "Any reason your trying to look like a kardashian?!!!! Your just way to beautiful for that.[sic]"

'The Beach' more in line with her controlling personality

"Ex on the Beach" probably suits Farrah better than "Teen Mom." The sneak peek she posted up ahead of the December 27 episode shows her just stepping up and taking control of the whole situation.

Fans wondered if she treated her daughter Sophia like that. Her actions had big, wise momma written all over it. Like exorcizing a demon from the room, her tactics avoided what looked to escalate into a mega showdown. Just take a look below. No more words needed.

Love and hate for Farrah Abraham

When it comes to Farrah, gray areas simply disappear.

Fans love her or hate her. Hardly anyone sits on the fence. A recent post for "Ex on the Beach" by Farrah showing her giving advice about blocking the ex, proved this. Ahead of the premiere, Farrah said, "BLOCK YOUR EX & when he calls on blocked, which he will many many times. DO NOT PICK UP BLOCKED CALLS, STOP PICKING UP BLOCKED CALLS” ...

re-read as needed like a pill bottle."

Having read her direct, if slightly confusing advise, fans came in from both sides of the story. Here's what some of the haters had to say:

  • @joxm: "no one wants to be her."
  • @jcbrooksie7911: "She's what I like to call an oxygen thief."
  • @amber062989: "Why did they put you on this show you are ridiculous."

Those who love Farrah could have been talking about someone totally different. Check out the contrast:

  • @jewel_styles: "I don't understand why they hate...u are fabulous."
  • @xnatasha0811xo: "You are gorgeous ❤️ definitely true!!!"
  • @utvol4ever: "Im rooting for you to find a good guy and hopefully one day that will happen for you!❤️❤️"
  • @agleason2981: "yes yes yes!! Cant wait to watch you Thursday!"

Farrah's great for MTV ratings

"Teen Mom" followers expressing outrage at Farrah angrily said how bad it was that MTV used her in "Ex on the Beach." Her haters and trollers must number thousands upon thousands.

However, for a Reality TV Show, haters mean more numbers and better ranking. Behind the scenes, producers sure love it when people tune into their shows. Even if they just do so to slap more mud on the cast.

What do you think of Farrah Abraham? Were you blown away by the way she took control? Do you love her or hate her? Sound off in the comments section of Blasting Pop.