"90 Day Fiance" rumors are heating up over an Ashley Martson and Jay Smith split. Over on Instagram, there's a lot of discussion about the two who appear to have taken down all the photos of each other. Just ahead of Christmas, Ashley posted a story saying they won't be doing any more cameos either. This comes after a recent video of Jay dancing with Ashley's daughter Roxy. (Roxy hid behind a giant emoji). Before that, the pair were lovey-dovey as Jay visited Ashley in hospital. Mind you he did also post a photo of himself partying with friends.

Fans speculate now over a split.

Signs the '90 Day Fiance' may have split

It seems inconceivable that just the night before, in one of the posts now removed from their Instagram, that Ashley was gushing about how they might even put up a family Christmas photo showing the kids. This is because she usually doesn't show the kids. It looked like Jay Smith was all set to be a part of that photo.

Another thing that seems inconceivable is the couple turning down Cameos. When Ashley went off to the hospital for her Lupus earlier this month, she posted a story telling everyone to be patient. She thanked people for asking for Cameos and said once she got out of the hospital they would get onto it. So, it looks like Cameos were on the cards.

That certainly does not explain how suddenly, Ashley posted a story saying there will be no Cameos.

Not only that, but she posted a story late December 22 that said, "You can only fake that everything is ok for so long. Then you just hit that point..." it was attributed to "ME." People who saw some comments about a possible split on a post by Jay Smith, showing some tattoos, suddenly realized there may be a deeper message to the story about Cameos.

Jay Smith Instagram post

The Instagram post that sparked the conversation about a "90 Day Fiance" split, said nothing about it. In fact, it was about some photos of tattoos. However, fans started to question Jay about a breakup. This is what some people were saying about it.

  • @madams_17: " @jay_smith_ja what happened with you and ash?
  • @maria_821_ @madams_17 they broke up, all their pics of each other are gone
  • @madams_17 @maria_821_ yes, exactly!!! @... all their posts of each other are gone!
  • @!cliffordthebigredog @madams_17ohhhhh, this explains Ashley’s story saying that they are no longer doing Cameos!

Well, yes the pics are gone from their accounts.

There were loads of posts before and now there's just one lonely image near the bottom of Jay's Insta.

Has Ashley Martson broken off with Jay?

Given that neither of them said anything about a split, except for the hint on Ashley's story that she's got "to that point..," there's nothing much else to go on. What do you think about the probability that the "90 Day Fiance" couple has split?

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