Millions of “When Calls the Heart” fans have just two more days until the annual tradition of the Christmas movie for the Hallmark Channel drama unfolds on Christmas Day. In advance of the much-anticipated event, leading lady, Erin Krakow, joined co-star, Pascale Hutton, for a behind-the-scenes peek at Season 6, and the actress who portrays Rosemary, who always wants to know the latest updates in Hope Valley, could hardly contain herself after seeing the cuteness of a fully expectant Elizabeth Thornton.

Erin Krakow playfully made an on-screen walk-on during Hutton’s recent segment, saying “As you were,” after Pascale lovingly placed her head on Erin’s baby bump, now christened, “Elizabump” on Krakow’s social media.

Despite the wistful command by Erin Krakow, soon nothing will be as it was for the young, ever-resilient teacher and mother, as every parent knows. A baby changes everything in life and changes perspective completely regarding what is truly important in life.

Lori Loughlin, who portrays Hope Valley Mayor, Abigail Stanton, and Elizabeth's closest and most stalwart friend, wasn't on hand with Pascale Hutton, but sat right beside Erin Krakow on December 21, for Hallmark’s “Home & Family.”

The ladies were laughing and all aglow about the arrival of Elizabeth’s baby, but they were not so prepared for an impromptu contest of another kind, right on the spot.

Puns and preparedness

Hosts Debbie Matenopoulos and Cameron Mathison had tissue boxes ready even before Lori Loughlin proposed that the storyline of “When Calls the Heart” for Season 6 was “long overdue,” since fans had wished for Elizabeth to have a baby for “a long time,” stressed the actress.

After a preview clip, depicting a doubtful Elizabeth confiding to Abigail that she does not feel ready to welcome the child, Loughlin’s Abigail offers assurance. “The only thing you'll feel is how much you love him or her,” reminds Abigail after Elizabeth describes that she always planned on having a baby with Jack. (Daniel Lissing made the decision to depart “When Calls the Heart” at the close of Season 5.)

It is a certainty that neither Erin Krakow or her beloved character will face motherhood alone.

One of the strongest themes of “When Calls the Heart” is keeping faith through trials, and faith is strengthened by caring neighbors. Krakow revealed in an interview during October's HFR4 “Hearties” convention that the new season would focus on new relationships and “new beginnings” that ensue for Elizabeth and all of Hope Valley.

The theme of new beginnings radiates through the Christmas season with a message of hope.

Bubbles on demand

Erin Krakow and Lori Loughlin stressed how their real-life friendship goes beyond anything written in a script, and castmate Paul Greene (Dr. Carson Shepherd) confirmed that in a video. Greene gushed that Lori “loves pranks, and can “take it” as well as she dishes them out. Erin, on the other hand, loves to pull a great prank but admits “I can't take it,” pleading for a pregnancy exclusion.

One famous prank that became a full-blown battle on Instagram was the “Gumwars.” The plotting began when Erin Krakow would empty the glove compartment filled with Lori Loughlin's favorite, Double Bubble, leaving Loughlin to locate the stash.

At one point, Erin declared a truce, presenting a container of the gum, adorned with a bow, and a conciliatory note. The problem was that the container was empty.

“Home & Family” presented both “When Calls the Heart” stars with her own bucket of the preferred gum, and then put the co-stars to the test, seeking who could blow the biggest bubble, on-air.

There was hardly time for the accomplished gum-chewers to extract enough sugar out of treat to make a satisfactory bubble, but both stars did try, even if their efforts didn't remain inflated.

Hopes are certain to stay high on Christmas Day, when “When Calls the Heart: The Greatest Christmas Blessing” premieres. Season 6 will continue in early 2019, with plenty of challenges, but no bubblegum issues expected.