Rumors were floating around that the Duchess of Sussex had asked the Duke to stay away from the Boxing Day ritual of shooting a pheasant. This is because she is an animal lover and does not approve of any sport where there is bloodshed. However, the situation has changed, and the Duke of Sussex will participate in the event. It will be the annual post-breakfast hunt on the Sandringham estate.

News AU reports Prince Harry did not attend the event last year and there were doubts on whether he would stay away this year also in order to respect the sentiments of his wife, Meghan Markle.

However, he has been shooting with his pals when he was dating the American-born actress Meghan. He had even bought a black Labrador puppy and wanted to train it to be a gun dog.

Meghan loves to go vegan

Ever since teaming up with him, Meghan Markle has tried to make Prince Harry change his outlook on life. She, on her part, has changed by sacrificing many of her favorites and has tried to do the same for her husband. One of these is her desire to go vegan. An insider has confined to a section of the media that the Duchess loves animals and prefers to eat vegan during the week. She also follows a strict no-fur policy. She wants Harry to modify his eating habits. She is encouraging him to eat less meat and more fruit and veg and take another call on hunting because a lover of animals cannot withstand bloodshed.

One of Harry’s friends has said that Prince Harry is a very good shot and supports those who work in that industry.

Another friend added that promoting wildlife charities is one of his missions in life. Obviously, he has a tough balancing act on his hands.

Boxing Day pheasant hunt

According to Mirror UK, Prince Harry along with his elder brother Prince William have been participating in the Boxing Day pheasant hunt for more than two decades, and Harry is a good marksman.

This year, their father Prince Charles could be there with William’s 5-year-old son George. In the opinion of Harry, shooting is a sustainable field sport, and Meghan will not come in his way even though she loves animals and does not favor any activity where there is bloodshed. In fact, she refuses to wear fur.

Incidentally, rumors keep the tabloids busy with stories covering different aspects of Meghan Markle. She is an American actress who fell in love with Prince Harry, married him and is now a member of the British royal family. She has bonded well with others, is now on her way to motherhood and the media should not hound her.