"Sister Wives" fans got to read about a beautiful Christmas ornament tradition in Robyn Brown's family. Robyn posted up on Instagram about it and then also directed people to the My Sister Wife's Closet blog. The story is such an interesting idea, and more than that, she explained how to make your own Christmas ornament to go with the tradition. It's never too late to start something new after all. This is especially as Robyn has her Sister Wife's shop, where it's possible she could have sold it on.

'Sister Wives' family tradition from years back

In her blog page, Robyn explained about the family tradition that started for her family before she married Kody Brown and became part of the Reality TV show "Sister Wives." She said that Christmas ornaments are wonderful things we can treasure as they bring back memories of long gone years. Actually, whoever gives much thought to them? Often, they molder away in a closet somewhere until the break. But in her family, they treasure them so much because they make gifts of them.

Robyn explained how every year, each of the kids gets an ornament especially for them. She also enjoys making them by hand. Home-made items are always so nice to treasure rather than store-bought gifts.

This means that when they grow up and become ready to make their own adult lives, they have their ornaments ready to take with them.

Robyn Brown gifts ornaments and decorates little trees

Every year, Robyn says she has given her kids the home-made ornament gift. To take it further, each child has a small tree in their room. Together, they decorate the little tree while enjoying some quality time together.

That just has to make for some really strong bonding between mom and child. It also makes it precious as they use gift ornaments from years gone by.

Here's what some of her "Sister Wives" followers on Instagram had to say about the idea:

  • @Ladyx55: "...ur ornament is beautiful i will definitely buy for next year Christmas."
  • @that_gurl80: "Loved reading your blog. I'm such a fan of yalls show, I'm sure you hear that alot, but I absolutely love the big family! [sic]."

Robyn on how to make your own Christmas ornament

Robyn shared that idea, plus she shared on how to make the ornament on her blog, which is kind and generous.

How many people will take up the idea and create their own Christmas ornament gift tradition? In simple steps, her blog shows how to get down to the craft shop and pick up some supplies. That's where she gets her bulbs from. She explains that people should select what they want as fillers for the bulbs: "bells, buttons, miniatures, a special message, paint, ribbon, cutouts etc."

The rest of the simple instructions result in a beautiful gift. Anyone can read her mysisterwifescloset blog to find out more. What do you think of Robyn Brown's Christmas ornament gift tradition? Will you try and make your own?

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