"Super Dragon Ball Heroes" is preparing to deliver a lot of news to the Japanese public, both in regards to the video game and the promotional anime inspired by it. Thanks to the V-Jump magazine, fans can see unpublished images of the new villain, Cirrus, and Great Saiyaman 3 and 4. The mysterious antagonist, Cirrus has already appeared in the finale of episode 5 of "Super Dragon Ball Heroes" and has the air of being a villain ready to put the sticks in the wheels to the protagonists in the next narrative arc, following that of Prison Planet.

Great Saiyaman

As far as Great Saiyaman is concerned, the franchise already announced the entry of a third hero who carries the same identity as Gohan and Videl. The difference between the two previous warriors is that it is entirely robotized. V-Jump also reports that there will also be a fourth Great Saiyaman. Similar to its predecessor, GS 4 has the air of being a helper, given its childlike appearance.

These three characters will debut in the upcoming sagas of the video game "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," but they will probably make their debut during the promotional anime series since fans recently learned that it will continue in 2019.

Details about Broly movie

For a long time, fans asked about the power level of Broly, the villain of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly." Now, thanks to the novel available in Japan, fans know a little about the strength level of the Legendary Super Saiyan.

According to the translations on Twitter, the novel "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" does not reveal the fighting level of the son of Paragas but some statements hint at his power.

Broly is defined as "the strongest individual in absolute," Frieza refers to the lost Saiyan as the strongest living being in existence. Fans already knew that the power of the Berserker was even higher than that of a god of destruction, but now we have official confirmation.

It remains to be seen if the novel intends that Broly is the strongest warrior in all the existing realities in the Multiverse of Dragon Ball or if, rather, he is just the champion of Universe 7. One wonders if the Super Legendary Saiyan can be compared to Jiren or the fighters who did not take part in the Tournament of Power whose abilities remain unknown to fans.

To those who don't know, the film is based on the history of Saiyans and planet Sedala. Broly is said to be the franchise's most successful movie ever.

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