Spoiler alerts for '"The Young and the Restless" indicate that January is going, to begin with, a bang for several Genoa City residents. Both Lily's husband and the youngest member of the Rosales clan will ring in the New Year by making selfish decisions which will cause pain for others in 2019. Lola is going to break Kyle's heart all over again when he sees her initiating a kiss with Finn at midnight. Cane will drink himself into oblivion, become sloppy drunk and embarrass himself. Now that Mal Young has been fired there is no telling in which direction the new head writer will take these characters.

Lola breaks Kyle's heart over a Christmas gift

Lola became enraged because she found out that the handbag Kyle gave her for Christmas was on the pricey side. She threw it back at him and broke off their relationship. Soap Hub says that Ms. Rosales will dig the knife in a little deeper, on New Year's Eve, to get her point across. Kyle will try to salvage the relationship but Lola is not having it. She knows that he is a little jealous of Finn, so at the stroke of midnight she grabs Michael and Laureen's son and gives him a passionate kiss.

Kyle watches in horror and spoilers say he begins to wonder where things went wrong. Lola has admitted to being a virgin and says she is waiting for the right man.

Playing Kyle and Finn against each other makes her look more childish and immature than her attitude regarding the handbag, so perhaps young Mr. Newman is better off without her. "Y&R" spoilers don't indicate whether or not the breakup is permanent but Finn will have a good time teasing Kyle, either way.

'Y&R' will bring surprises for Cane in the New Year

Soap Hub also says that Cane will get drunk and make a fool of himself on New Year's Eve. There is no way to know if this is long-term or a one-night event, but Soap Dirt gives "Y&R" viewers hope for the future. Now that Mal Young has been fired the spoiler suggests that many wrong situations will be made right, including Lily coming back to her family.

Previous spoiler alerts suggested that Cane and Victoria might hook up but now all loyal fans can do is wait and see.

Soap Dirt suggests that the new head writer may reverse some of Mal Young's decisions, including bringing Lily back full time. The proper changes would give Cane a reason to get his act together and improve overall life for Genoa City residents, Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and continue watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.