"90 Day Fiance" fans caught a glimpse of one of Ashley Martson's kids on Jay Smith's Instagram. Recently, in a post on Instagram, Ashley told fans, "no my children will not be on the show and will not be posted on social media...Please respect our privacy and allow my children to be children. Thanks." Well, now it looks like she almost broke her promise to keep the kids off social media.

Video of Roxy and Jay Smith, but Ashley Martson put up a huge emoji

What do fans of "90 Day Fiance" know about Ashley's kids? Not a lot, it seems, as at least one responded to the video on Jay's account.

They commented, "Wait Ashley has kids??? Omg! How many? She never mentioned them on the show." Actually, we don't know much because so far, Ashley's been determined to keep them out the limelight.

In the video, we see Jay and "Little Roxy" dancing and having a bit of fun. However, you can't actually see much of Roxie - mainly arms and legs as she's hidden behind a giant emoji. When people started to comment on the kids, Ashley replied to them.

Star from '90 Day Fiance' teased a Christmas Photo

In response to the original question about her having kids, Ashley answered, "Yeah, two! I don’t post them or put them on tv. I prefer to keep them private." Later, she said, "I may post a Christmas photo though.

The fans are very interested." Well, that's kind of like breaking a promise. One picture is all it takes to expose the kids to stalkers and trolls. However, it's up to Ashley and Jay how they handle it, but maybe she's feeling some pressure from the fans and her good resolve's crumbling?

Also, let's recall that Jay was a teenager not so far back, so his sense of fun may also create opportunities for social media posts of the kids.

Plus, over on her account, it looks like Ashley is maybe beginning to crumble a bit? Certainly, lots of Reality TV stars get accused of "pimping" the kids to promote products. It looks like right now, Ashley's not resisting that temptation much. You can't see her face, but you sure can see Roxy in the post below. OK, kudos to her for keeping Roxy's face turned, but how long can she maintain her promise to keep their faces out of it?

After all, if she does post the Christmas photo, keeping faces hidden would be a bit pointless.

Ashley's kids are off the show but at the shoots for '90 Day Fiance'

In answer to another fan, who asked what happens with the kids while they do the shoots for the show, she said the kids go with them. "The kids are on set with us or if it’s dads time they are with him," she wrote. So, now you know that the kids are not abandoned for spend hours and hours, nor are they ignored by "90 Day Fiance" stars.

What do you think about the video that showed Jay Smith dancing with Roxy and a giant emoji? Do you think Ashley Martson may post up the Christmas photo that she teased? If she does, is that gonna be a broken promise?

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