Alaskan Bush People” stars Gabe Brown, 28, and his girlfriend Raquell “Rose” Pantilla appeared to be on the path to marriage after they obtained a license on October 8. The couple, however, did not return the required paperwork within the 30-day window that Washington state allows, according to an exclusive report by Radar Online.

A clerk at the Marriage License Office, Okanogan, Washington, told the publication that the couple is not “officially married,” since the necessary paperwork was not returned – at least not according to the clerk and as of December 18.

Brown family ‘really likes’ Gabe’s girlfriend

The duo has not offered details about their decision to hold off on tying the proverbial knot. The Brown family reportedly “really likes” Raquell, according to Pop Culture. Gabe, 28, and Raquell are only a couple of months shy of when Rain Brown posted a photo on Instagram on Valentine’s Day that announced that her older brother and Raquell are actually an item.

Sister Rain made it public couple is official

The pair were lip-locked and kissing in the picture, Pop Culture pointed out.

Rain captioned that she was “like a pro” as a third wheel. If Gabe and his girlfriend had put the marriage license to use before the 30 days lapsed, they would have married less than a year after from when they the public knew that they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Patriarch ‘not keen’ on son marrying right now

Brown family patriarch Billy might have influenced the couple’s decision to hold off on marriage for now, according to Pop Culture.

Citing a source, the publication wrote that Billy was not “keen” on Gabe following Noah in marriage “all of a sudden.” Noah wed his sweetheart in Idaho in August.

‘Bush People’ have reason to celebrate

Even without wedding news, the Browns do have a big reason to celebrate. Noah and his wife Rhain are expecting a baby in spring 2019, In Touch Weekly reported.

The news of their first child has strengthened the bond between father and son. Noah has been turning to Billy for parenting “advice.”

When Noah and Rhain shared the joy of expecting a baby it was with People, which reported them as stating, “We didn’t try, and we didn’t not try.” The baby news even seems to have softened Noah’s sister Rain somewhat.

Giving Rhain ‘another chance’

While Rain and her sister-in-law are still not super tight, the teen does not appear to harbor the same feelings she had when Rhain changed her name from Ruth in 2017, media outlets reported.

She is giving Rhain “another chance,” according to In Touch. That is a huge step – considering Noah’s sister likened his girlfriend’s name-change to a “single white female” stunt.

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