It was in the early part of 2018 that the much-talked Tournament of Power Arc of “Dragon Ball Super” concluded. The latest movie where the legendary Super Saiyan Broly played as Son Goku and Vegeta’s arch nemesis continues the series with action-packed scenes and maddeningly intense power-ups. But fans are already looking forward to seeing the popular anime series return on TV. While the team behind the popular series has not yet released anything, fans always find a way to know ahead. And if the latest claims are true, then it seems that Son Goku and his friends are going to redeem the universe from an insanely powerful opponent.

Latest details

On the Reddit channel of “Dragon Ball Super,” Redditor named tyrantllama7 shared several juicy details about the latest opponent of the new arc of the popular anime series. Speculations about the new opponent that is going to turn the world of Son Goku and his friends around have been around for a while. However, these details were not confirmed earlier by the team behind the popular series. The only confirmation we have right now is that the majority of these details are from the Manga version of the anime.

The Manga and the anime are always almost the same except some scenes and details. But with regards to the characters, they are always alike. To some of you who have already read Chapter 43 of the manga, then you already know who the latest opponent of the Z Fighters is.

But for those who are not reading the manga, get to know Moro the Goat.

Who is Moro?

According to the latest leak released by the Redditor, Moro or Moro the Goat is an escaped prisoner who was under the responsibility of the Galactic Patrol. It turns out the Supreme Kai has massive participation and he is one of the reasons why Moro was imprisoned.

It was revealed in the leak that the Supreme Kai sacrificed the majority of his power to seal The Goat’s powers. He then entrusted the care of this villain to the Galactic Patrol.

Moro has been incarcerated for more than 10,000,000 years. He can consume life energy of any planet and even its living beings. The leak revealed that even without his magic, this character can put up a strong fight to anyone who will stand his way.

The leak added that one of the galactic patrollers named Merus believes that Moro got his magic back. And the only way to seal his magic powers once again is to get the Supreme Kai out of Buu.

It appears that it will take more than the Supreme Kai to seal and defeat this character. That makes this new “Dragon Ball Super” arc very interesting. Son Goku and his friends are going to face another out of this world villain and this time not only to protect the earth but the entire universe.