The pages of V-Jump, the well-known monthly magazine by Shueisha, have unveiled a new character from "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," Great Saiyaman 3. As you can see below, from the V-Jump scan which emerged on the Net via Twitter, the Great Saiyaman 3 look is slightly different from what Son Gohan and his wife Videl have adopted for Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2. The new superhero, in fact, it looks much more robotic and seems to wear armor - unlike its predecessors, who wear a colored tunic and that mechanic only have a helmet. Also, it looks like a sword is behind his back.

Great Saiyaman 3

"Super Dragon Ball Heroes" fans have been speculating for hours about the identity of Great Saiyaman 3. Considering the possession of the sword, some argue that the identity of the new warrior is Trunks of the Future - which, in turn, bears a sword. Specifically, it could be his Xeno version, which guides the galactic patrol in the stories of Heroes and Xenoverse. Who knows, but the Great Saiyaman 3, sooner or later could appear in the promotional anime of the Bandai Namco card game, whose sixth episode will be released at the end of December.

Vegeta's figure

Meanwhile, from Japan, a life-size figure of Vegeta comes on the market.

He is in his splendid form of Super Saiyan, dating back to Dragon Ball Z. Obviously, it is a hugely expensive statue, but also one of the most fascinating ever produced. Over time, fans have been used to seeing an incredible harvest of merchandise dedicated to the masterpiece of Akira Toiyama, of all kinds and sizes imaginable.

However, a place of honor undoubtedly lies with the extraordinary figure of Vegeta that Yume MRC is proposing to buyers, if only for the fact that it is a one-to-one reproduction.

We are talking about a real statue, which shows the prince of the Saiyan in his beautiful transformation, dating back to the Cell saga in "Dragon Ball Z," in Super Saiyan .

The product measures 128 cm in width, 83 cm in depth and 211 cm in height. If you could object that Vegeta has never been this big, consider that the base and the thick pointed hair of Goku's historic rival are also included. Obviously, this is not a product intended for the general public, and therefore only 150 will be made, each sold at a price of around $3.990.

Recall that the franchise is going through a moment of great excitement, with "Dragon Ball Super." It will enter the new narrative arc as "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" debuts in Japanese cinemas on December 14.