Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" report that a familiar face will be seen in Port Charles beginning December 8. Janet Hubert who originated the role of Aunt Viv on the television show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" will portray Yvonne who may end up being a love interest for Sonny's father Mike. Hubert will join former castmate Vernee Watson who was the mother of Will Smith's character Will. In Port Charles, Watson portrays Stella the aunt of Curtis and is also Mike Corbin's social worker. Ironically Stella's childhood sweetheart Marcus has just come to town and said his wife is in the same facility where Mike spends the day, so Hubert could be playing his spouse.

Janet Hubert's character may have Port Charles ties

According to Soaps She Knows, Janet Hubert's character Yvonne may be a love interest for Sonny's father but there are two problems with that theory. Mike Corbin has Alzheimer's disease and is having problems with his memory. With his disease progressing this would not be a likely time for him to be looking for love. There is also the fact that Marcus told Stella he was in Port Charles visiting his wife who is in the same facility where Mike spends his days. For this reason, Yvonne could end up being the wife of Marcus.

Janet Hubert could portray Yvonne as both the wife of Stella's friend and the wife of Marcus. If she also has Alzheimer's disease, then she and Mike would have something in common and while they are bonding Vernee Watson's character could be bonding once again with her lost love.

Stella and Marcus discussed how she turned down his marriage proposal so she could care for her nephews. it's possible that love could bloom for this couple once again.

Aunt Viv and Vi reunited on General Hospital

Janet Huber announced her new role on "General Hospital" on her Facebook page by sharing an article from "Daytime Confidential." The article echoed Soaps She Knows in saying that the character Yvonne would be a nursing home love interest for Mike.

Since there has been no announcement of another actress portraying the wife of Marcus and assuming that she would be black, it is likely that Huber's character will be his spouse as well as the woman Mike Corbin falls for. It looks like some interesting things are about to happen in Port Charles.

On "The Fresh Prince" actress Janet Hubert originated the role of Vivian Banks in 1990.

She portrayed the character until the end of the season in 1993. Vernee Watson was her sister Vi, who was Will's mother and she stayed with the series until it ended. Whether or not Yvonne dates Mike and or is the wife of Marcus, fans of the actress will enjoy seeing her on daytime television.