With rumors circulating that Denise and Lonzo broke up, this episode of "Ball in the Family" confirmed that there was tension even though none of them directly said that they were done with each other. Since Melo and Gelo were going overseas to play basketball, the boys decided to go to Las Vegas before everyone went their own way.

Relationship troubles

When Lonzo walked into his apartment, DMO was there and DMO could tell that Lonzo had a problem. Lonzo told DMO that he has "baby mama drama" going on right now and that he and Denise were arguing.

When the producers asked him what was going on between him and Denise, he had no answer.

Lonzo said that he can't always be there for Denise because of his schedule and he said that Denise has to understand that. When DMO was asked how things were between Lonzo and Denise, he said that things "aren't looking good."

Denise was talking to her sister over FaceTime and said that things haven't been great because she said she's been getting no help from Lonzo. In a previous episode, Denise's sister Dayna said that she thinks that Denise will be the one doing all the work and it turns out she was right.

Lonzo said that Denise wants to live a fairy tale lifestyle but said that he can't give her that.

Denise said that they're now just parents and that she just wants her and Lonzo to be happy in the future.

Viva Las Vegas

Before the season started for Lonzo and before Melo and Gelo head overseas to play basketball for the JBA international tour, they decided to take a trip to Las Vegas to spend some time together and DMO also went along.

When they went to a restaurant, Melo didn't know how to order his food properly as he didn't know how he wanted his filet cooked. The next morning, DMO went into Melo's room to wake him up and DMO saw that there were holes in Melo's boxers. They got room service for breakfast and Josh, the strength and conditioning coach for the Lakers, went to Vegas with them so Lonzo could continue his rehab on his knee while he was in Las Vegas

Next season

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode.

Since this was the final episode of season three, they previewed what will be like next season. In the next season which will be season four, the JBA is on their international tour and they're seen riding in a tank. Melo gets into a fight with an opposing player, Tina is seen continuing her rehab and LaVar is seen mad at Melo. A premiere date for season four has yet to be announced.