Chapter 42 of Dragon Ball Super is about to be released in Japan on the V-Jump pages. Meanwhile, on the Internet, the first tables dedicated to the manga already emerged and we can confirm that we will see the beginning of a new narrative arc. Let's go to the discovery of the first images. As we can see from the images below, like what happened with the saga of The Resurrection of F, one of the first tables of the new narrative arc includes the artwork that Toyotaro has created for "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" and summarizes the events of the film that will be released on December 14 in Japan.

The first image

Later, fans were immediately catapulted into new events. Goku and Vegeta seem intent to train in the gravitational room of the Capsule Corp. (Apparently now, for the two Saiyan warriors, it has become a practice to train together), and in the meantime, we attend some dialogues that the two have with Bulma.

Through the scan, Comic Book notes that fans can also learn who is the elusive prisoner of the Galactic Patrol, Majin Bu. The poor, fat pink demon - who is currently in hibernation, so much so that he could not participate in the Tournament of Power - is arrested without his knowledge by his colleagues in Jaco under the eyes of an impotent and desperate Mr. Satan. The intervention of Goku and Vegeta, who are caught by surprise by the space police, saves Bu from the clutches of the police.

Later, at the base of the Galactic Patrol, we become aware of what are probably the reasons for the arrest of Majin Buu. The creature is now good and free of any remnant of evil thanks to the death of Kid Bu, is, however, the product of a rather serious crime. The features of fat Bu, in fact, derive from the fact that, many years before, the evil demon absorbed the Great Kaioshin.

New 'Broly' trailer

Thanks to the third trailer of the movie, fans now come to know that the portentous Shenron will make an appearance following an evocation. It is still unclear what that role will actually be, but we can try to do some little conjecture. First, it is likely that Freezer wants to fulfill the desire for immortality, which already in the days of Dragon Ball Z - many years before - led him to Namecc in search of the seven original Dragon Balls.

Secondly, as many fan theories suggest, the finding of Broly (or his hypothetical awakening) after he was exiled by King Vegeta at an early age could be the work of the dragon. For those who don't know, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" will debut in US cinemas in January 2019. I will keep you updated once we receive more information regarding the movie.