Fans have been wondering whether Dragon Ball is going to continue its hit anime series, "Dragon Ball Super," ever since the last episode of the series aired back in March. At the same time, the first teaser was revealed for the upcoming movie of the series, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," which gave fans hope that the series might return after all. Now, there are only two weeks left until the movie is released all across Japan, and after some time, all across the globe, and fans are finally being treated with an inside scoop from the upcoming arc of the series.

Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc leak

The leaked arc for the "Dragon Ball Super" manga is called "Galactic Patrol Prisoner arc" and I'm hopeful that it'll be adapted for the anime because the manga is authored by Akira Toriyama, as well. Information regarding the upcoming arc was leaked by two fan translators who are right about the leaks, almost all of the time.

The fact that the series will continue, after the events of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," means that it takes place in the original timeline because the movie continues after the events of "Tournament of Power." Herms also shared the exact same leak by tweeting a translation of a scan that is shown in the Twitter post below. While I cannot verify whether the translation is 100 percent correct, I trust the source that has provided this information.

At first, fans were confused because the title of the new arc is similar to the non-canon series "Super Dragon Ball Heroes Prison Planet," but there are a lot of differences. The new storyline is about "Galactic Patrol" (The organization Jaco belongs to), while the one in the non-canon series is called "Time Patrol" (Goku: Xeno, Vegeta: Xeno, etc).

Return of Daikaioh

As you can probably see from the leaked image, the person that Goku and Vegeta are talking to is the old Daikaioh. Now we know that Daikaioh, the highest of all Supreme Kais, who was absorbed by Majin Buu before the events of the official series. Due to this absorption, Buu takes the form of "Fat" Buu and later on, he turns into a good person because he still carries the spirit of the Daikaioh.

But if the series continues after the movie then how is the Daikaioh still alive? It's also worth sharing that a voice actor hinted how Goku will save the day.

I might get more information about the upcoming arc once "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" is released in Japan on December 14, 2018. Funimation will also be releasing the movie in the United States and Canada on January 16, 2019.