There's only a couple of weeks left until the most awaited "Dragon Ball" 20th movie, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," hits the theaters in Japan and new footage of the anime movie is going viral. The movie has already premiered at the Nippon Budokan on November 14, and only 1,000 lucky fans were able to watch the movie a month before its official release.

The main Japanese cast of the movie including Masako Nozawa (Goku's voice actress), Ryo Horikawa (Vegeta's voice actor), Ryusei Nakao (Freeza's voice actor), and Bin Shimada (Broly's voice actor).

New footage from the movie

It is going to be the first time that we see Vegeta in his Super Saiyan God form in the anime and who knew that this transformation would look even better than the Super Saiyan Blue form.

The slimmer physique of Vegeta looks awesome, especially during the fighting scenes and the new footage also shows the Super Saiyan God form Vegeta ready to blow Broly away with a ki blast attack. Take a look below:

As you can see, this new TV commercial shows never-seen-before footage from the movie which shows Broly's genuine terrified expression to Vegeta's attack. Until now, we only saw Vegeta getting wrecked by the overpowered beast, but now I think that both of the Saiyans might have a chance to win against the Legendary Super Saiyan after all.

Broly's reaction to Vegeta's attack also shows that Broly's isn't a complete mindless monster in this movie. Thanks to Akira Toriyama, the fan-favorite character has been revamped and improved as compared to the previous Movies. As for Frieza, he looks helpless against this powerful warrior of the Saiyan race.

Theme song rumored to be dubbed

To match the icy terrain theme of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" movie, a new song titled "Blizzard" has been finalized as the main theme song of the movie. The song is written by J-pop singer-songwriter Daichi Miura and was featured in the recent footage from the movie.

According to the Billboard, Miura was inspired by the main concept of the film and thinks that each Saiyan in the movie has a 'wall' that he has to overcome.

He also mentioned that "Cracking ice and the way the three characters melt ice from within are some of the key elements sound-wise." There's also a rumor that the singer will be dubbing the theme song for western release, all by himself.

The new "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set to be released on December 14, 2018, in Japan. Funimation has acquired the theatrical rights to the movie and is planning to release it in the United States and Canada on January 16, 2019.