When stars become household names among fans and social media followers, questions are destined to be raised. The newly-engaged Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright are no exception and not exempt from fans posing personal questions about whether the couple plans to have babies in their future life together. But wait, so says Jax on Twitter. The reality star presents his perspective in relaying to quizzical fans that his wedding with Brittany is the priority right now, according to a casting update relayed by Bravo on September 21.

“It’s only natural,” Bravo noted, “to wonder” if the “Vanderpump Rules” couple sees having children in their future together.

Oh, the joy of living under a microscope, with fans pondering all the possibilities for the lovebirds. As the network host-home for the popular reality show also pointed out, people are “dying to know” whether babies are included in the picture as Jax and Brittany are making plans for their wedding and all that could follow.

Fans want to know if a baby is in the stars' future

Fans and social media followers are not shy when it comes to sharing what is on their minds. One fan posted on Jax’s Twitter account, “Time for a BABY!" Bravo does not hold itself back either, not when it comes to documenting the mundane to the profane, sharing both the highs and the lows experienced by “Vanderpump Rules” cast members.

As many fans are quick to point out on social media, the spotlight focuses on people who choose to go into public life and have their lives filmed for reality television – scripted or not. As it turns out, there are stars who leave reality shows, yet change their minds. Ashley Jacobs, of "Southern Charm," is an example of a star who departed, but who wants to return to television.

First things first, exchanging vows at a wedding

When asked whether Jax and Brittany are planning on having babies, Jax offered his perspective. “Why? Can I get married first," Bravo reported. Based on his reply tweet, Jax is in no rush to have children. In fact, his response indicates that he disapproves of people thinking that babies must follow soon after the exchange of wedding vows.

That’s putting his view mildly.

Jax tweeted, “I hate when people say it’s time to get married time to have a baby,” which Bravo also pointed out. The star’s suggestion is that people should focus more on themselves rather than on him and his fiancé.

A picture paints the future for Jax

Leave it to fans and followers to persist. One of the reactions to Jax’s idea that people should not tell him how he should live his life was depicted in a photo. The picture showed a young boy on some ice, sporting hockey gear. The message intimating that Jax could be seeing a child in his future evoked an even stronger reaction from the “Vanderpump Rules” star.

He tweeted a reply, letting people know that he does understand that he and Brittany could have children.

Bravo did not mince words in sharing that Jax and Brittany do plan to have children. When the couple does decide it is their time to start making babies, they will do so according to their plans.

Reality star offers his video image of perfection

Jax extended a reflection of his idea of perfection on September 22, when he posted to Twitter and included a video. The clip showed the couple’s small dogs sitting on Brittany’s lap, while they were in a vehicle. He captioned the image, “My perfect family!!”

The next big step for the reality show couple is getting married.

According to their co-star, Scheana Marie, wedding planning is also something that the engaged duo has been doing from the time Jax popped the proverbial question and Brittany said yes in scenic Malibu, California, where residents are wondering whether there is a serial killer on the loose.

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