It has been two years (October 3, to be precise) since Kim Kardashian-West was held up in her Paris hotel room and robbed of her expensive jewelry. The scare was surely unimaginable and the monetary loss significant. If you had ever seen any of the star's jewelry, then you would realize just how expensive her pieces were. One extravagant item that was stolen was a huge diamond engagement ring from her now-husband, Kanye West.

Thankfully, she made it out in one piece, but the emotional trauma doesn’t go away as quickly. And although she had insurance taken out on her pricey jewels, she didn’t recover the full worth.

About $10 million in cash and jewelry was taken by these armed robbers who invaded her hotel room that fateful night. With the criminals being dressed up to impersonate police officers, Kardashian-West must have been confused and terrified. But the drama still continues.

AIG goes after the man who was supposed to protect Kim

American International Group (AIG) is suing Pascal Duvier, along with his company, Protect Security, for a whopping $6.1 million. They claim that because Duvier had left Kardashian-West unattended at the time of the robbery, he is at fault for the incident due to his negligence and carelessness, among other choice words. Apparently, Duvier had abandoned the reality star/businesswoman for the night and went to protect her sisters while they were out on the town partying at a Paris nightclub.

It’s AIG, not Kardashian-West

Keep in mind, this is not an issue of Kardashian-West suing her former bodyguard. Her insurance company is seeking to get their money back, so to speak. $6.1 million is how much they paid Kardashian-West to cover her stolen jewels. Due to their allegations that Duvier’s absence at the time contributed to the theft, they deem him responsible and want the money to come out of his and his company’s pockets.

What happened to Kardashian-West

While in Paris, Kardashian-West's room was broken into and she was robbed at gunpoint leaving her petrified. Visiting Paris for Fashion Week, she spent the evening in her room while her sisters went out for some fun for the evening. She suggested that her bodyguard leave the hotel to go along with sisters Kourtney Kardashian and Kendall Jenner to a club.

Allegedly, the robbers were tipped off as to the celeb's itinerary during her trip, helping plot their plan of attack.

While the effects of this incident will likely stay with the star for a long time, hopefully, she and her family are healing. As to what the outcome of this lawsuit against her former bodyguard will be? Stay tuned.