Since the murder of Tristan Beaudette happened at Malibu Creek State Park in June, area residents are asking whether there is a serial killer. Beaudette’s killer has not been identified.

With the unresolved homicide and additional crimes committed in the area throughout the past couple of years, locals question if the individual crimes add up to a bigger picture such as a serial killer “terrorizing the affluent community,” which In Touch Weekly reported on September 7.

String of shootings in the Malibu area raise concerns

Beaudette, who was from Irvine, California, was on a camping trip in the state’s park with his two small daughters.

He had taken the trip to allow his wife quiet time needed to study for an important, upcoming exam.

Beaudette, a research scientist, was 35 when he was shot in the chest and mortally wounded while he was inside his tent. His little girls were also there but not harmed. Detectives do not have leads in the investigation, according to In Touch. Law enforcement has also not established or announced a motive.

Shooting incidents evoke actor’s social media post

Comedian and actor Rob Scheider took his thoughts to social media on September 6. He posted on Twitter, asking why no one is “talking about” the crimes committed in the area near Malibu Canyon.

There have been additional shootings in the park area, which have not gone unnoticed by locals or by law enforcement.

News media has also recognized the reports of earlier incidents, such as the November 2016 shooting of James Rogers, which The Guardian (US Edition) reported on August 22.

Rogers, who is a wildlife biologist, was above Malibu, staying the night in a hammock. He woke up feeling “a burning sensation,” The Guardian noted. His arm was “peppered with buckshot.” He was not very far away from a main road, only an estimated 200 yards.

Rogers was also staying in an area that is often used by hikers, tourists, and people on day visits.

Six days after Rogers was hit with buckshot, another person camping in the area was shot at but was not hit. The next shooting incident happened two months later. A couple’s vehicle, targeted by a shooter, was struck with gunfire.

Seven shootings in area where murder happened

Officials acknowledge that “at least seven shootings” have happened in the area near the rustic campsite where Beaudette’s body was discovered after people hear the shot that fatally wounded him, KTLA reported. The summer months were anxiety-ridden for many locals and park visitors aware of the shooting incidents.

Officers with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have not been lax.

They have combed the area in search of clues on more than one occasion. In addition, investigators have “fielded calls about shots fired” without being sure of how many of the calls may have been accurate. The campsite, as well, was closed for a stretch of time as officials searched and as a measure of caution.

Task force established in response to incidents

In August, law enforcement established a task force as a result of shootings and the murder of Beaudette. According to California Senator Henry Stern, there have been a total of eight confirmed shootings that have happened since November 3, 2016.

Authorities have assured people that there is no reason to fear “a serial killer” right now, In Touch reported. Investigators are “not asleep at the wheel.”

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