TLC is running a hashtag on social media called #TLCFamTakeover. Their posts on Twitter and Instagram said, "It's a #TLCFamTakeover today and tomorrow on our Twitter and Instagram stories! Keep your eyes peeled for fun messages directly from the stars of your favorite shows!" On Instagram, a number of people asked for the return of "Our Wild Life." The show recently premiered in August on TLC Africa as well. The first season of the controversial show ended on June 26.

TLC's Our Wild Life ran for one controversial season

The show debuted season 1 this year, but it was very controversial.

Despite that, Romper noted, "TLC does have a tendency to hold onto their shows for at least a couple of seasons." In particular, animal activists grew angered with "Our Wild Life" Actually, some animal lovers were enraged at the show as they felt it promoted the exotic pet trade, despite some of the animals being rescued.

Brittany Peet, of PETA, was quoted by Good Housekeeping, as saying that the house where the animals live is "no place for dozens of animals who all have unique needs and temperaments and require expert care." They expressed concern that the animals roamed around the place, noting that they could hurt themselves. They were particularly worried about the fact that Bobbie Jo and Jerry Abrams took a "young kangaroo" to the "grocery store."

About the Our Wild Life Show

The reality TV show was about the life of the family and animals that live in Edgecombe County, Carolina.

The family has over 80 animals, including a camel and a zebra. Other species include a sloth, a wolf-hybrid, kangaroos, alpacas, goats, farm animals, and lemurs. Apparently, many of them were rescue animals, but WITN reported that Jerry said they "purchase" some as well. In fact, they have a small zoo - It's a Zoo Life, set on 10-acres, according to WITN, Bobby Joe's husband owned a catering business and when a traveling zoo canceled a function, they stepped in and borrowed as many animals as they could.

It worked and that saw the basis of what became TLC's "Our Wild Life" show.

The TLC web page describes it as "Bobbie Jo and Jerry Abrams have a blended family all under one roof...three children, nanny, Naa Na, and 81 fur babies. The animal siblings include a zebra, camel, kangaroos, llamas, wallabies and a recently adopted sloth." Fans of the show absolutely loved it.

@ChappyGirlTx posted on Twitter, "I am obsessed with #OurWildLife!! Just makes ya happy, ya know! Love this family! It’s animal life goals for me!! this world today that seems so angry and out of control; this is a great show to escape to...a good kind of chaotic! Lol @TLC.

Other people had their say and it was not good.

Fans ask #TLCFamTakeover to bring it back

On Instagram and on Twitter, many fans begged TLC to bring back the show again.

Lots of them asked them to dump the Duggar family rather. Here's what some fans had to say:

  • candidly_christina: "Would love to see "Our Wild Life" back in rotation! "

  • jaw1277 "Get rid of the creepy Duggars."

  • kar_drew: "Our Wild Life "

  • laurennruby: "Love our wild life!! @bobbiejoabrams @tlc please bring it back ❤️"

  • melanielosover: "Bring back Our Wild Life!!

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