"Counting On" stars Josiah Duggar and Lauren got married and followers of the Duggar family saw how he worked on his slurpy first tongue-kiss. But of course, when it comes to the Duggar family, weddings seldom sit far away from the minds of fans. Already, rumors fly around the internet that the next pair to couple-up permanently and marry could be John David Duggar and Abbie.

Joy-Anna teased another Counting On wedding

In the TLC show, "Counting On's" new mom, Joy-Anna Duggar, teased something about a forthcoming wedding in the works. Well, she would, as marrying, courting and making new babies is the whole point of the Reality TV show.

Fans speculate, according to an article by Celebrity Insider, that the next to match up in the Duggar family could be John David Duggar and Abbie. They seem to be very much in love, especially judging by their recent post on the @ johnandabbie Instagram account. They posted, "Even if I spend the whole day with you, I miss you the second you leave. #mygreatestadventureisyou."

John David, Jana's twin's already going on 30-years-old. The siblings both seem to have taken some decision not to marry until they were certain the right person came along. Of course, nobody has any idea if and when Jana will wed. If there's to be another wedding soon, unless she's got the world's greatest secret tucked away, it's not likely to be her.

Given the lovey stuff on Instagram, Abbie and John David is an educated guess.

John David started courting Abbie in June this year

John David and Abbie began their official courtship in June this year. This came after Abbie Burnett met him in Oklahoma at a church function. At the time, ET cited her as saying she "really got connected then." Back then, TLC wrote on their Instagram, "#JohnDavidDuggar has a special someone.❤️Visit TLCme.com to meet the happy couple, and learn more about #AbbieBurnett." According to TLC, John David gave Abbie a special necklace and said that they "fell in love very quickly." He added that "it's been a wonderful journey thus far."

Later, in July, when they posted on their Instagram about flying, the image showed the "Counting On" pair's body-language as being totally into each other.

In fact, one follower suggested that a December wedding looked to be too far away for them. So, possibly, we will hear of them getting married in the not too distant future.

Do you think it will be John next?

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