"Little People, Big World" star Amy Roloff took to her Instagram ahead of an Atlanta shoot and posted a very attractive photo of her. It really was a nice picture, all glowing and matching the colors of fall. Many fans commented on how pretty she looked. But, very early on, someone right out asked if Amy was engaged to Chris, as they spotted her wearing a ring. One thing about Amy, she is not shy to get back into the conversation and kill these types of rumors.

'LP, BW' fans discussed Amy's ring

Some "LP, BW" fans were a bit upset by such direct questions being asked, and one, in particular, noted that Amy would have told her followers if she was engaged.

That's more than likely accurate, as Amy probably isn't likely to unnecessarily sensationalize that type of thing. Other fans were quick to spot the fact that the ring was on her right hand. Someone not from the USA queried that, wondering if people did wear engagement rings on their right hand. But there are those people who seem to know more about Amy Roloff than the average follower of "Little People, Big World."

@dawnab3 answered several times, stating, "that's her ring that she had reset for herself." But as things go when there are over 30k people loving a photo, and hundreds of comments, sometimes they get lost in chit-chat. Then eacole115 explained to those who maybe don't follow Amy all that closely, that "She’s had that ring on the wrong hand for a long time."

Amy Roloff answers about the 'engagement' ring

Nevertheless, the question kept coming.

Ever-protective fans tried to field the questions, like @jolynnsexton1 who commented: "People look at the picture twice or read some comments before asking about the ring...it is on her right hand! Seriously, quit asking about being engaged, I'm sure she is as tired of the same question as others are! If it happens I'm sure she will let you all know!"

In time, Amy did come back to her Instagram to give a final answer to the questions by "Little People, Big World" fans and it was a "no." It's not an engagement ring.

Amy wrote: "no. It’s on my right hand." So there you have it. It's not an engagement ring and presumably, Amy is, therefore, not engaged to Chris at this time.

Flight into Atlanta and hurricane concerns

Another discussion under the photo was about Amy's caption on the image about her flight to Atlanta for a photo shoot. Lots of fans knew that Matt Roloff was on his way for a book reading of "Little Lucy, Big Race," but they didn't know Amy's plans.

Many fans worried about the incoming Hurricane Michael. But as locals explained, Amy wasn't going to the coast and the weather for her trip was predicted to be rain and thunder rather than full-force dangerous.

What do think about Amy settling the engagement ring rumor directly? Is that very like Amy? Would you dare to ask such a personal question on Amy Roloff's Insta-post? Stay in touch with news about "Little People, Big World" by checking in with Blasting News often.