The eighth season of "Game of Thrones" is getting closer and its young actors have become in recent weeks, the most sought after by the press. The youth of a large part of the cast makes it possible to say things that they later regret, as is the case with Sophie Turner. The actress, who gives life on the acclaimed HBO series to Sansa Stark has confessed, during her visit to the New York Comic Con, that she and Maisie Williams, who plays the beloved Arya, smoked marijuana at the end of the shootings. According to Digital Spy, "Sophie Turner has admitted that she and co-star Maisie Williams would "get high and sit in bath tubs" after filming the show."

The bond between 'Game of Thrones' actresses

It should be noted that both actresses forged a great friendship since the beginning of the shooting and since then they have become practically inseparable.

On her adventures with Williams, Turner has pointed out that they used to sit down to eat and smoke grass while watching "stupid" videos. The actress, also a member of the "X-Men" franchise, added that both got into the bathtub and rubbed brushes on each other's faces and that was fun.

This good tune between Sophie and Maisie does not translate to her characters in the series created by David Benioff and Dan B. Weiss. Sansa and Arya are very different. While Sansa is a bully from head to toe, whose only ambition in life was to marry a gentleman who owns a great castle, Arya had inherited her father's Stark genes, being a "warrior princess" named after her teacher, Syrio Forel, as Dancer of Water. Both have starred in great sequences during the seasons and their characters were evident.

After Arya found out that her beloved brother, Jon Snow, had returned to Winterfell, little Stark is heading to her old home, where she stars in a beautiful reunion. Both gave the other for dead.

No spoilers

During her appearance at the Comic-Con of the Big Apple, Sophie Turner unveiled some of the secrets of the HBO series to avoid the dreaded leaks.

As she has confessed, according to Vulture, some false scenes were shot and several of the actors were walking around Croatia in disguise to avoid being discovered. As for Sansa, Turner says that in the eighth season, her character will take the reins of itself. "Sansa knows what she wants," says the actress. The eighth season of "Game of Thrones" will premiere in 2019. Stay in touch with Blasting News for more news about "GoT."