Genoa City residents spoiler alerts for The Young and the Restless” indicate that Jack’s true paternity is about to be revealed and viewers who were hoping all along that he would turn out to be John’s son are about to be proven right. Both Soap Hub and Soap Dirt confirm that this week, questions will be answered and the mystery will finally be solved. Ashley had been paying Andrew for consulting work but has now cut him off. The lab tech hinted to Kyle that he has dirt on his aunt so it looks like the walls are closing in. Once the truth is revealed, it will alter the Abbot family forever and Jack will realize his sibling is every bit as dastardly as his arch-enemy Victor Newman.

Ashley had Andrew tamper with the DNA test

Ashley believes that everything is going her way because Jack abolished the blood Abbot clause and she has been named CEO. Soap Hub says on Friday things will become tense with Andrew threatening to expose what he did for Ms. Abbot. Spoilers tease that she paid the lab tech to change the DNA test so that her older sibling would believe Dina’s story that he is not John’s son. “Y&R” has dragged the impact of his storyline out over a number of months and viewers will I’ll be happy to have closure.

If Ashley had Andrew change the results, this week indicates that Dina was having a false memory. Jack has really been going through great pain, chasing all the false leads.

His sister stood by watching and he thought he might be either a Chancellor, a Fenmore, or Victor’shalf-brotherr. This was very cruel and out of character for Ashley but she was hurt that her brother invoked the Blood Abbot Claude which prevented her from become the Jabot CEO.

Jack and Kyle are blood Abbots

Once Andrew admits falsifying the DNA test on Ashley”s orders, she will be forced to step down from her position.

Jack may be reinstated to the top position in his father’s company and appoint his son COO. If Jack decides to remain at Dark Horse, Traci and Kyle may run the company together. Eileen Davidson who portrays Ashley is leaving the show and Billy is in rehab, which indicates that Traci, Ja, k and Kyle must come up with a solution.

Spoilers indicate that when Jack finds out how treacherous his sister has been it will change the entire Abbot clan and forever. Not only did Ashley betray her and her family and allow her brother to suffer needlessly, but she also took unfair advantage of her mother’s Alzheimer’s disease. Be on the lookout for updates spoilers and keep watching “The Young and the Restless” weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.