Move over Angelina Jolie, it looks like actor Brad Pitt has gotten over his ex and has moved on to a much younger beauty. Rumors have been swirling, recently, that the handsome 54-year-old is smitten with his movie co-star, Margaret Qualley. She is only 23, making their May-December romance fodder for the tabloids, but when it comes to matters of the heart, age is nothing but a number.

While fans, from all over the world, have been hoping to see a reconciliation between Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, since she is recently single again too, it looks that Pitt has found a new lady to love - the youthful, talented, and attractive Ms.

Qualley. Most people have not heard much about the lovely brunette, until now, but being with an A-lister like Pitt means being thrust into the spotlight. It seems like Qualley has no qualms about becoming a famous face.

Brad Pitt’s new love interest is multi-talented

Qualley is not only a talented actress, but she is also a model and a dancer. Pitt's new lover has walked the runway during Fashion Week in New York City for fashion designer Alberta Ferretti. She has been dancing since she was a teenager, with a focus on ballet. By the looks of her fit physique, it is evident that the dancing has kept Qualley in great shape over the years. Surely, Pitt has noticed her fine frame! How could he not?

Brad Pitt’s rumored girlfriend has a famous mom

Fame runs in Qualley’s family. Her mother is model and actress Andie MacDowell. MacDowell is 60-years-old, putting her much closer to Pitt’s age than he is to her daughter’s. Does MacDowell approve of her 20-something daughter dating a man so much older? We can’t say for sure, but Brad Pitt is no ordinary man.

Perhaps the rules bend when the person in question is such a huge celebrity.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It seems that Pitt and Jolie won’t be getting back together. They have a large family, but the romance fizzled out. Their high-profile split made headlines and continues to be in the press. From tense custody battles to accusations, their split seems to be anything but friendly.

Hopefully both will move on and find true happiness again. It looks like Pitt has already made the move to get into a fresh relationship. Surely, Jolie will find a new companion one day too. Will she get along with Qualley? If Pitt stays with her for a long time, she could wind up becoming a step-mom to Jolie’s kids. Good luck to Pitt and Qualley.