David Eason has served up ample controversy and drama for “Teen Mom 2” fans and social media followers to discuss. The husband of MTV’s reality star is not showing signs of relenting. The problem is that Eason’s latest rant appears justified. He was angered by Instagram users who falsely reported, to the social media platform, that he posted images of his daughter and wife that were totally inappropriate and unlawful. According to Hollywood Life, Eason verbally lashed out, on September 25, against people who submitted the reports, that got the images removed, to Instagram,

People understand that children merit protection from many things and that they should speak up when necessary.

Doing so, however, does not including making false allegations against someone that a parent is sharing unlawful photos on social media. One of the photos, reported and subsequently removed by Instagram, was of Jenelle holding the couple’s daughter Ensley.

No ‘clear reason’ Instagram deleted ‘sweet photos’

The image is an example of the photos, depicting mother and daughter, that were deleted by the social media platform. As In Touch Weekly stated on September 26, there is “no clear reason” for removing the “sweet photos” of Jenelle and Ensley.

In lobbing his rant in an Instagram post, Eason shared a photo of his wife and little girl, captioned, “My beautiful family!” He then lashed out in a tirade, replete with ample use of the “F” bomb.

Instagram user @karibarber22 commented, “Seriously? I don’t get it. Some people have too much time on their hands.” Account user @lil_nemo_36 agreed with In Touch, stating, “I think these are nice sweet pictures.”

Eason is not the only "Teen Mom 2" dad who has been angered recently, noting how he feels on social media. Javi Marroquin is also incensed by his ex-wife's latest book, "A Letter of Love." In fact, he wants his name entirely removed from Kailyn Lowry's book.

He has threatened to take legal action.

Fans stick up for Teen Mom dad

Defending Eason is quite unusual for “Teen Mom 2” fans. With Instagram taking down completely harmless images, though, moved followers to back him on the heels of the flawed reports and the photos being deleted.

The photos that were removed by Instagram were ones that Jenelle initially posted on her social media account, denoting the hashtag #HappyNationalDaughtersDay.

Her husband then shared the photos on his user account. Eason also verified for a follower that Instagram deleted the same photos from his wife’s account, Hollywood Life reported. According to the publication and to Eason, Instagram made the move to remove after nine people submitted reports.

Fans and followers realize that Eason and Jenelle make no bones about striking back when they perceive they are under attack on social media. Instagram user @caseyewheeler commented to Eason that the underlying reason for the reporting might be “Because people are petty.”

Parents are protective of their children

Based on Eason’s reaction to Instagram taking down the photos, it is clear that he feels protective of his wife and child.

The social media platform’s action “definitely seemed like a soft spot” for Eason, Hollywood Life assessed. Judging from Jenelle’s behavior following Hurricane Florence, it also seems readily apparent that she cares very much about children.

She used her social media to draw awareness to supplies needed by a shelter in North Carolina. Most of the items she cited that were in need were for children, such as milk, diapers, and board games.

People may say a lot of unkind things about Eason and Jenelle, yet it is beyond reasonable to make false claims about the couple. They offer enough reality in their own words for people to feel offended and make their objections known. Aside from the couple’s antics and views, which are often quite startling, they are still parents at the end of the day. Evidently, they are also parents who very much love their young children.

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