Jenelle Evans’ little boy Kaiser, 4, underwent surgery to help address health issues that affected his hearing, according to Café Mom. Kaiser was “chronically sick,” for a year according to his father, Nathan Griffith and In Touch Weekly.

Kaiser’s hearing was affected by his adenoids when they were swollen, In Touch pointed out. When Jenelle was younger, she had the same health issue. She shared a photo of Kaiser on Instagram. In the caption, she stated that he is having the same surgery she underwent, as a child, when she also had her adenoids removed.

Her little boy also “had to get tubes in his ears,” Café Mom reported.

Jenelle asked for prayers

Jenelle asked her Instagram followers for prayers so that her son would have a quick recovery. Kaiser’s hearing improved following the surgery, according to the MTV reality star. His hearing was decreased 40 percent before the procedures, she stated.

Social media followers hopeful surgery will help

Since there is a lot about Jenelle’s life that has been captured on video footage shared by MTV, there is also much that “Teen Mom 2” fans and social media followers recall seeing and hearing. One of the troubling aspects is that Janelle’s husband, David Eason, seemed quite stern toward Kaiser.

Instagram followers relayed their hopes for Kaiser.

With the improvement in his hearing, Café Mom reported, some people remarked that Kaiser might “stay out of trouble.”

The procedure that Kaiser underwent is an Adenoidectomy that is performed by an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) surgeon, People relayed. Kaiser will not have visible scars since the adenoid is located “in the back of the nose.” When removed, it is through the mouth.

Kaiser’s father filed a motion for full custody of his son

Kaiser’s surgery is not the only worry on Jenelle’s plate. His father, Nathan, is pursuing full custody of the son they share. In July, he filed a motion, seeking to modify custody. People verified the information through a clerk who works with the Columbus County Court located in North Carolina.

Nathan’s motion was filed following a road rage incident when Jenelle pulled a gun. The driver in the other vehicle was reportedly tailgating when Jenelle had her son Jace,8, in the car with her. MTV broadcast footage on July 23 that depicted the incident.

Jenelle’s ex cites drug and ‘substance abuse issues’ in motion for custody

In his motion for the custody change, Nathan asserts that Jenelle’s husband (David Eason) is “violent” and a “danger” to Kaiser, according to People. Kaiser's dad further contends that both Eason and Jenelle experience “drug dependency and substance abuse issues.” The motion alludes to Ensley, as well, claiming that a TCH test at birth showed that she had THC in her system.

Nathan might have a valid point about Eason. He does seem to anger easily. Instagram removed photos of Jenelle holding the couple's little girl. Eason's reaction was to fire off an angry post, with expletives.

Jenelle has refuted that Ensley tested positive for THC when she was born. Jenelle has openly stated, however, that the positive THC result following Ensley’s birth was hers (Jenelle’s). THC is a chemical known to be in cannabis.

Another point that Nathan delves into within the custody motion is that number of times that Jenelle has been arrested. According to him, she has been arrested more than 20 times. Nathan wants the court to grant him full custody of Kaiser while allowing Jenelle visitation.

Jenelle and Nathan might not be the only "Teen Mom 2" former couple headed to court. Javi Marroquin has intimated that he could take legal action against his ex-wife, Kailyn Lowry for including him in her latest book, which is entitled "A Letter of Love."

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