"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Carly and Laura may team up and figure out that Kevin has been switched with his evil twin. Spencer's grandmother and his aunt will sit down for a heart-to-heart this week, and recent events will come to light. Soap Opera Spy suggests Carly may mention how she thought she saw a Kevin lookalike roaming the halls of Ferncliff. Laura may think about how her husband has been putting her off and the duo may make a trip to the maximum security facility. With the help of nurse Mary Pat, they may crack the case, but unfortunately, it won’t be before Ryan has claimed a few victims.

Laura and Carly May find answers

Soaps She Knows says this week Laura will be insistent and Carly will be curious. Soap Opera Spy indicates that Mrs. Collins is going to pay a visit to the Corinthos home, where the two women may compare notes. Spoilers tease that Carly might talk about her time in Ferncliff, and how she thought she saw a patient who looked like Kevin. Laura could begin thinking about how strange her husband is acting. The ladies might decide to take a trip to the facility for the criminally insane.

Spoilers indicate that nurse Mary Pat will be back, but Carly is not someone she will want to see, because Mrs. Corinthos injected Mary Pat with a needle filled with medication. If, however, the nurse had had an encounter with Kevin, she may work with Laura and her former patient to set the good doctor free.

There is also the possibility that the evil nurse could end up as one of Ryan’s victims. Whatever happens, Carly and Laura will not stop until they have some answers.

Laura and Carly may be in danger

On Monday (October 22), Laura went to Kevin’s office, where she saw a paper with a list of women’s names. As she voiced out loud the fact that Felicia’s name was last on the list, her demented brother-in-law came through the door.

If she keeps pushing for answers, Laura could be in serious danger. Should Ryan feel she is getting too close, she may end up on his list. If spoilers are accurate, Laura and Carly may be in serious trouble.

Carly, Nurse Mary Pat, who has returned to "General Hospital," and Laura could be running around Ferncliff on Halloween, which would be a pretty suspenseful episode, especially If they figure out the truth and attempt to set Kevin free.

They will have to stay one step ahead of Dr. Chamberlin. Spoilers say he will murder at least two people. Be on the lookout for updated General Hospitalspoilers to keep on top of the Kevin/Ryan storyline.