Spoiler alerts indicate that this coming week on "General Hospital" will be one that is filled with surprises, twists, and turns. Nurse Mary Pat will be back and may possibly give Kevin a ray of hope that he can be rescued. It's also possible she might be a victim of serial killer Ryan Chamberlain. Dr. Collins demented twin brother will be shifting his direction from Felicia and begin obsessing over Ava. As Halloween approaches tension will grip Port Charles. Spoilers indicate there are at least two victims already slated to have their lives ended by Ryan.

Kiki and Oscar may be the first two and no one knows when this crazy doctor will be stopped.

Ava replaces Felicia as Ryan's obsession

A few weeks ago Felica had more airtime on "General Hospital" and it looked as if Ryan was going to target her remembering 25 years since his first killing spree in Port Charles. Soap Hub, however, indicates that there has been a shift in direction and Kevin's evil twin now is obsessed with a different blonde. His attention now is focused on Ava, who he sees as a kindred soul because of her desire for revenge on Kiki and Griffin.

"General Hospital" viewers who were hoping to see the Scorpio's front and center will be pretty disappointed. Ava Jerome now is now on Dr.

Chamberlain's radar and he sees her as a female version of himself. Spoilers tease that he may even murder Kiki as a way to help Ms. Jerome obtain justice for her daughter sleeping with her man. There has also been a decrease in conversation regarding Lulu writing about Ryan's killing spree 25 years ago. The focus now seems to be on those who will be victims of the serial killer in 2018.

Mary Pat may help Kevin and or be killed by Ryan

Soap Dirt tells us that a set insider leaked the news that Oscar Nero will be Ryan's first victim. It's rumored that because Dr. Chamberlain was a pediatrician, he may have compassion for the dying teen and commit a mercy killing. There is also the chance that Mary Pat could die at the hands of the serial killer.

Soap Hub says she will return this week and may realize Kevin is locked up in Ferncliff instead of her brother.

This could be the glimmer of hope that Dr. Collins has regarding getting out of the facility for the criminally insane, but it may come with a cost. If Ryan figures out that Mary Pat knows his real identity he may take her life in order to silence her. Be sure to watch "General Hospital" every day this week to keep up with this exciting storyline. The program airs weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.