"General Hospital" spoilers tease that Drew has made up his mind regarding whether or not he will help Margaux in exchange for the flash drive with his memories. Soap Opera Spy indicates that he will help Sonny and Jason turn the tables on the DA by bringing up her unethical past. The fact that Ms. Dawson would resort to blackmail in an attempt to prove Sonny murdered her father is a sign that she is not squeaky clean. Her past in California will come to light and prove how unethical she is, and may stop her in her tracks. With the assistance of Spinelli (and possibly Sam) the Corinthos gang may have a shot at coming out on top.

Margaux's arms are too short to box with Sonny

DA Dawson is on the warpath because she believes Sonny murdered her father and Mike helped him cover it up. She promises to give Drew the flash drive with his memories if he shares what he knows that can put Sonny in prison. A preview for Friday shows Drew telling Margaux that he is not certain why he has not turned her in for her unprofessional actions.

Spoilers indicate that Drew will weigh all his options and agree to beat the DA at her own game. He will even be willing to work with Jason because Carly and Sonny mean a lot to him. He also knows that Sam will be hurt if he does anything that puts Mr. Corinthos away. The first order of business will be to prove that Ms.

Dawson's father was on the take, and next will be proving that Margaux engaged in unethical behavior while working as an assistant DA in California. Once all of this comes to light Margaux will realize her arms are too short to go up against Sonny and his crew.

Margaux and Drew are using each other

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Margaux may not be in Port Charles much longer. They point out her cold, unfeeling personality and how she has not been able to warm up to Drew.

If the DA is like this now, just imagine how she will behave when all her dirty laundry gets aired. Instead of vengeance for her father's murder, the DA will be embarrassed and possibly lose her job. Drew alluding to her blackmail scheme should have her worried that Sonny will use it against her down the road.

Margaux was warned she would not win against Jason and Sonny but she decided to try anyway.

Now, if spoilers are correct, she will have risked all for nothing, especially if Sam and Spinelli can retrieve Drew's memories without her help. Be on the lookout for updates related to this storyline and keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2PM EST.