New spoilers for "Arrow" Season 7 reveal Black Siren's status with Team Arrow in the show. Show writer Beth Schwartz told Entertainment Weekly in an interview that audiences will see Earth-2 Laurel Lance working together with some of the members of Oliver Queen's allies, much to her and their chagrin.

Cast member Stephen Amell posted new set photos for new "Arrowverse" crossover, "Elseworlds" featuring John Wesley Shipp's version of Barry Allen (The Flash). Season 7 will focus on Oliver's time in prison as he tries to survive his sentence for him to be with his family and friends.

However, things get complicated as a new Green Arrow stalks the criminal underworld of Star City and enemies and allies alike are trying to find out who he is under the hood.

Black Siren team-ups teased

According to Entertainment Weekly, Beth Schwartz stated that Earth-2 Laurel will have some interesting interactions with Oliver's team this season. The former main villain-turned-reluctant ally has been working as Star City's new district attorney and she will be struggling to earn the trust of everyone dut to her criminal past.

"She’s always sort of struggling with the line between good and evil, and she lies somewhere in between that, " Schwartz told EW. "With Quentin’s death, she’s definitely been affected in terms of how she wants to live her life the way Quentin would’ve wanted her to, but the Black Siren in her is always going to exist."

Cast member Katie Cassidy told Comic that she will have some tense team-ups with the team especially on the current Black Canary, Dinah Drake.

It was previously reported that Black Siren's motivation will be explored in episode 4 as she tries to help Team Arrow fend off the Ricardo Diaz and The Longbow Hunters while investigating on the new Emerald Archer.

90's Flash joins Elseworlds crossover

According to Comic Book Resources, Stephen Amell posted new set photos for "Elseworlds" and it featured Supergirl, Oliver's Flash, and Barry Allen's Green Arrow fighting alongside John Wesley Shipp's version of the Scarlet Speedster.

Shipp first played Barry Allen in his own TV series in the 90's and joined the cast of 2014 "Arrowverse" spin-off as Barry's father, Henry Allen, and his Earth-3 doppelganger Jay Garrick. Aside from Shipp's Flash, the crossover will also feature Superman, Lois Lane, Batwoman, Doctor Destiny, and The Monitor. The crossover will take place in Gotham City and Smallville, Kansas.