TLC’s “Counting On” star Jinger Duggar Vuolo and husband Jeremy Vuolo have a happy baby girl, Felicity Nicole. The majority of images that the couple has shared with fans and social media followers on networking platforms show their baby nearly always bearing a grin or a smile. Felicity is just so cute.

Critics are ever-ready to comment

No matter what Jinger or just about any Duggar does, it seems that critics are ever-ready and poised raise objections. Yeah, right. The remarks are often snarky, not even guised as helpful information.

The most recent photo of baby Felicity that Jinger shared on her Instagram account depicts her daughter wearing a yellow headband.

Cute to the max is her beaming baby. But, wait. What would any photo sharing on Jinger’s social media account be if not for all the people who leave their impressions of how ever-so-wrong it is for Jinger to dress her baby as she deems appropriate for picture-taking time? For one thing, it would be much more pleasant not to see people interrupt the, otherwise, casual flow of comments supportive of the new mom.

Baby will have a ‘bald spot’ – not

Rather than take a look-see at baby Felicity, there are Instagram users who must think ii their obligation to tell Jinger when she acts so egregiously in deciding how to dress her baby. Within the comments about Felicity’s yellow headband photo, one person carped that Felicity will have a “bald spot” from wearing “headgear,” OK!

Magazine reported. Please. The baby’s head shows no signs of being bubble-wrapped or sealed off from an air supply. It’s just a headband that is not worn day-and-night. Felicity is wearing it for a photo. Why can’t a picture just be cute, for once?

Another person remarked that Felicity needs her ears uncovered. My goodness, everyone must surely know that “developing babies” must hear everything clearly, according to Ok!

How on Earth will Felicity ever “learn to speak” with her ears covered? Well, she won’t learn to speak if her ears are always blocked from sound. That is not the situation, though. The baby is not wearing earplugs.

Haters or trolls lurk for opportunity to attack

While some media reports define people leaving the most extreme comments as haters, they appear to be more like trolls who lurk until they spot a perceived opportunity to attack.

Trolls often have to muster the words to put down someone else in an effort to feel better. The problem with their approach is that the feeling of accomplishment is fleeting. When the praise of like-minded people, who play off the original comment, wears off, a troll returns to lurking until the next attack in a never-ending cycle.

It is highly doubtful that Jinger posts photos of her baby because she cares what trolls think or about their motives. She shares the photos of Felicity because she feels proud of her little girl.

Babies grow up

Babies are amazing. They make their way into the world, thanks to their moms giving it their all for babies to take their first breath. Then, babies grow into wondrous beings who will delight, surprise, perplex, and possibly even shock their parents at times.

That’s the beauty in babies. No one knows how they will turn out once they are grown.

Many babies grow into respectful and remarkable people. Some babies, well, they become trolls who camp on electronic devices to make rude and inane comments purposely attempting to hurt another person.

Baby Felicity will be fine

The photo that Jinger shared is not likely to impede her daughter’s ability to communicate with others as she gets older. Felicity is also most probably not going to find herself with challenged follicles either. What people might discover about Jinger’s baby one day is that she could grow into a woman who understands boundaries and tolerance – even when it comes to trolls. There is no point feeding into their frenzy.

Jinger’s baby is adorable. In Touch Weekly offered a great assessment of the floral onesie that Felicity is wearing in the photo: “it may well be made of sunshine.”

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