Quite possibly age might factor into a more relaxed manner of courtship that John David Duggar is enjoying with his fiancé Abbie Burnett than his siblings experienced with their now-spouses. He is nearing 30.

The engaged couple recently shared a photo on social media that shows them skipping the Duggar Family side hug rule. Maybe the rule bends more as the Duggar offspring age. Perhaps at an older age than his siblings were during their courtships, John David is believed less likely to act impulsively on his feelings for Abbie.

Couple uses Instagram to share their bliss

The couple shares an Instagram account, which is where the photo was posted on Sept. 30, the same day that the Duggar family publicly wished Cousin Amy a happy birthday on Facebook. The caption read, “Even if I spend the whole day with you, I miss you the second you leave,” which included the hashtag #mygreatestadventureisyou.

Café Mom noted that it is “refreshing to see a slightly more mature Duggar couple relax the rules a little bit.” So true. John David turns 29 in January. Abbie, 26, works “outside the home” as a registered nurse.

Wedding date is approaching with unique aspects

John David and Abbie are planning for a November 3 wedding.

OK! Magazine reported that his wedding will be unique in the respect that he will be first of Jim Bob’s and Michelle’s offspring to marry outside of Arkansas. Their wedding vows will be exchanged in Abbie’s home state of Oklahoma, instead.

Another aspect of the pair’s wedding that differs from his siblings’ vow ceremonies is that John David and Abbie invoked the RSVP guest-planning system, with invitation-only attendance.

Usually, a wedding that involves a Duggar attracts an estimated 1,000 guests, according to Café Mom.

The ceremony venue has not been disclosed

Duggar fans suspect that the wedding could take place in an airplane hangar.

John David, a pilot, staged his proposal to Abbie in a hangar. Maybe fans are on-target. Some fans have also speculated that the ceremony might be held in an actual reception hall.

Engaged couple shares Instagram account

John David’s and Abbie’s relationship currently entails sharing an Instagram account. Actually, it is not unusual for couples to share an account, Romper reported. Whether having an individual or a shared account seems to be a matter of preference for some or having a shared account is convenient.

John David’s married siblings also have Instagram accounts. Theirs were started when they were either courting or became engaged, Café Mom pointed out. John David and Abbie selected to have a shared account.

On their journey to getting married, they are sharing their memories captured by photos.

Individual accounts right now would be sparse

Throughout the time that their @johnandabbie account was created, the couple has posted a grand sum of six photos. That stat reflects that there is not a huge amount of social media activity among the couple, which may also be a facet of their reasoning for sharing an account. Josiah and Lauren also share an Instagram account, as do Joy-Anna and her husband Austin Forsyth, Café Mom delineated.

Contrary to the belief that Jana is single and, therefore, does not have social media accounts, the fact that Joseph and Kendra Duggar also do not have accounts dispels the belief that there is a Duggar family rule related to which offspring are online.

Too, as Jessa explained on her Instagram account, Jana Duggar simply does not have an account because she does not want one.

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