Hawaii Five-O” consistently honors the tradition of “ohana,” which embodies family ties beyond blood relation. The police drama has made very conscious and deliberate efforts to reinforce and expand those bonds of family within the special task force through seasons 8 and 9 thus far, including making numerous cast members regulars on the “Hawaii Five-O” roster. While the characters of the crime-fighting team are still central, more storylines have been created to honor cultural heritage and appreciation, while reinforcing the value of the islands’ diversity.

The current season has already focused more attention on individual members of the team than in many past seasons, and the fresh talents of newer cast members, Beulah Koale and Meaghan Rath, have shined.

The stars who comprise “Hawaii Five-O” represent their own version of a global alliance, with Alex O'Loughlin making his home on Oahu, just like Lt. Commander McGarrett, and hailing from Australia. Scott Caan fully captures the native New Jersey detective Danny Williams, but his own family heritage is Hollywood royalty, being the son of James Caan and an acclaimed playwright on his own. Fans recall Chi McBride from “Boston Public,” and the Chicago sensibilities of Lou Grover come naturally to this captain.

Beulah Koale grew up poor and struggling in Auckland, New Zealand before his breakout role in “Thank You for Your Service” and impressing producers of “Hawaii Five-O.” Meaghan Rath comes from Montréal, Canada and brings a reinvigorated “bad girl on the job” with a golden heart to her role as Tani.

A part in the “Hawaii Five-O” Halloween episode is a plum for any actor, and as it turns out for Season 9’s scary installment, "A'ohe mea 'imi a ka maka" (Nothing More the Eyes to Search For), three pals from Tulsa have parts in the story, showing that being from dusty stateside parts can still land an aspiring star in paradise.

Hometown girls do good

Tulsa World related, in a feature updated on October 24, that Olivia Jordan and Carly Casey will be in tonight’s October 26 spooky story. Olivia Jordan was known as Olivia Thomas when she attended Bishop Kelley High School in Tulsa. She changed her professional name to Olivia Jordan, and it has to be more than coincidence that her Bishop Kelley classmate, Carly Casey also landed a role in this installment, along with Jordan's fiancé, Jay Hector.

Maybe it was the homegrown, friendly Oklahoma manners that made the difference, or maybe it was some Native American magic summoned from the region.

Olivia Jordan was formerly Miss USA from Tulsa, and her role is set to make an impression, because as “Girlfriend 1980,” as listed in the cast, she and the character of her boyfriend will open the episode standing beside their broken down car in the middle of nowhere. It sounds like the perfect start to another memorable Halloween for “Hawaii Five-O.”

Carly Casey will be featured as Emily Cass.

Continuing the tradition

Halloween on “Hawaii Five-O” spans from the extremely macabre to making fun-loving memories. Masi Oka, who portrayed the beloved medical examiner, Dr.

Max Bergman, was known for the endearment and enthusiasm he brought to his Halloween caricatures, donning wardrobes from Mozart to Star Wars, with impeccable taste.

Steve and Danny usually don’t dress for the occasion, being too devoted to cracking cases, from a mother-son murder operation to graveyard snatchers, and some very personal memories of the past and parenthood for the partners.

This episode will have Steve solving clues of a murder from a little girl's crayon drawings, and Jerry (Jorge Garcia) assembling his own force of friends, including even the immovable Noelani, portrayed by Kimee Balmilero, to go to his childhood campsite, where he was witness to a murder. This parallel storyline could be fun, seeing as Jerry does not have a penchant for the dark side, no matter how much the previews have him looking like an extra on “The Walking Dead

Look for new faces and familiar ones to be filled with fear on this “Hawaii Five-O” Halloween romp.