As the first season of the JBA starts to come to an end, LaVar and Alan have some problems to work out as it was revealed that lots of players haven't been getting paid. The JBA season also came to a conclusion with the winning team getting brand new Cadillacs and Lonzo spending time alone with Zoey for the first time.

Getting to the bottom of it

Last episode, one of the players told Alan that he hasn't gotten paid. This prompted Alan to ask other players if they had gotten paid or not. He discovered that many, in fact, had been paid. During the quarterfinal game between Houston and Dallas, which was empty for the most part, Alan went over to LaVar and told him the situation to which LaVar responded with, "Oh snap".

Alan said the reason some players haven't been paid yet is that there are quite a few new guys in the league who haven't been put into the payroll system. Alan told LaVar that he was going to get to the bottom of it and figure it out.

Playoff time

With the regular season in the JBA over, all teams made the playoffs in single-elimination format. Despite Los Angeles not finishing first in the regular season, LaVar says that LA is the team to beat as they have the Ball boys. In the quarterfinals, New York beat Atlanta 93-82, Houston beat Dallas 106-105, Seattle beat Chicago 105-90 and Los Angeles beat Philadelphia 157-134. In the quarterfinals, Melo got 34 points, 13 assists and four rebounds where Gelo did even better by getting 58 points, three assists and five rebounds.

Gelo also shot 67.6 percent (24-of-34) and shot 11-of-20 from the three-point line.

The semi-finals were set with LA playing New York and Seattle playing Houston. Gelo struggled in the semi-final game as he failed to make shots. LA beat New York 127-124 which was in large part to Melo's stat line of 55 points, three assists and 16 rebounds.

After the game, LaVar went in the Los Angeles locker room to talk to them as for most of the game, the team struggled and during his talk, he referred to Melo and especially Gelo a lot and said that they carry the team despite the fact that there are other members of the Los Angeles Ballers and not just Melo and Gelo. Seattle beat Houston 129-106 to advance to the finals.

The finals are between Los Angeles and Seattle with the winning team getting to take home brand new Cadillacs for themselves. The Ball brothers struggled to start off the game as they were both missing shots but started picking things up as the game went on. The game was very intense and physical as there were a lot of confrontations between the two teams with Melo even being the center of one. When halftime came, Los Angeles found themselves leading 65-55. During halftime, LaVar and Tina thanked the people who came out for their support for the JBA during the season. With five minutes left to go, Los Angeles was up 112-107 and the final score ended up being 132-121. Gelo won finals MVP as he got 58 points and had a shooting percentage of 45 percent.

Daddy daughter time

Lonzo hasn't been able to spend much time with Zoey or Denise as he's rehabbing his knee during the week and is only home on weekends. Since he is away most of the time, Denise is the one taking care of the baby.

As it was the weekend, Lonzo is home and spent the whole day in bed with Denise and Zoey. As Denise is going out for dinner with her friends, Lonzo was left to spend time alone with Zoey which is the first time he's done so. Lonzo said he isn't worried at all to watcher her by himself.

15 minutes after Denise left, Zoey started crying and Lonzo didn't know what to do so he took Zoey for a walk around the house. Tina said that Lonzo was doing just fine with Zoey and that he will get better with taking care of the baby as she said that practice makes perfect.

Next episode

After all the "Ball in the Family" episodes, a preview is shown about the next episode. In episode 21, which will air next Sunday Facebook Watch, maids come to the Ball estate to clean the house, DMO and Lonzo are seen working out and DMO asks Lonzo about Denise and he says that he and Denise are going through some rough patches which there have been rumors circulating that they've broken up. Melo also celebrates his seventeenth birthday but Zo needs to have a serious talk with Melo as he says that Melo is acting like a delinquent.