With the best players in the JBA facing off in the all-star game, featured in episode 18, the winning team in the Junior Basketball Association would be determined soon, as the JBA playoffs are about to start. Denise is finding things to be a challenge as she wasn't able to get the house she wanted and is still finding some things with the baby difficult. Also in this episode, Alan's daughter Lailah and Denise's brother Gary make their first appearances on the show.

Crunch time

With low attendance numbers and the playoffs about to start, LaVar appeared on multiple radio talk shows to promote the JBA.

He first appeared on the Cruz show on Power 106 FM. On the same day, he also appeared on Good Day L.A. with Lonzo to promote the JBA and to play one-on-one basketball against the host. LaVar ended up winning the one-on-one match but when the host asked Lonzo if he could give any of them tips, he said they should both quit basketball.

As all the players practice at the same facility at the same time, they all have lunch together and things got heated. Caleal of Dallas was trash talking lots of people. He said how Dallas beat LA and that they had to add Gelo to their roster so they could win which he said in front of Melo. He was also trash talking J-Ray who's known as "Hollywood" about who's the better player.

He also told Melvin of Los Angeles that he's a leftover player and Melvin wanted to play Caleal one-on-one to show who the better player is but the Los Angeles coach didn't want Melvin playing.

The playoffs were being hosted at Cal State University which is where LaVar and Tina met. Before the game, Alan said that the JBA hit some bumps on the road in the first season and blamed it on the haters in the media.

At the game, one of the fans brought a sign that said they got donuts and milk for LaVar. The first playoff game was between New York and Atlanta which ended up in a victory for New York.

Getting through

Denise said that things have changed a lot since the baby arrived and that some things are a challenge but that she's starting to get a hang of things.

Denise's mom Patti has been a big help with the baby as she was seen burping the baby. Once the baby was back in Denise's hands, Denise said that she looks like Lonzo an opinion shared by numerous people.

When she brought the baby into the kitchen, her brother Gary wanted to hold her but Denise was hesitant at first. Denise was watching him hold her very carefully. She said that she's always worried when other people hold Zoey.

Before she gave birth, Denise was looking for a house for her, Lonzo, and Zoey to live in. Now that the baby is here, Denise wants to get a house as soon as she can. Denise found a house that she really loves but it turned out to only be for rent - she submitted the paperwork anyway.

When she was doing a manicure with her friend Khaliah, she revealed that she didn't get the house. She said that she probably didn't get it because of Lonzo's dog Deuce.

Where's my money?

After Atlanta lost to New York, Alan was talking to Shawn Lee of Atlanta and he looked upset. Shawn told Alan that he hadn't been paid yet which shocked Alan. Once Shawn told him that, Alan went around asking other players if they had gotten paid yet - most of them hadn't. Alan said he was going to figure out why the players weren't being paid.

Next episode

After the "Ball in the Family" episode on Facebook Watch, a preview was shown about the next episode. In episode 20, which will air next Sunday on Facebook Watch, Lonzo is seen taking care of Zoey and LaVar says that taking care of Zoey has been a lot of work for Lonzo. The Los Angeles Ballers face off against the Seattle Ballers in the JBA finals and LaVar is seen giving a harsh talk to Gelo and the Los Angeles Ballers at halftime after a sluggish first half.