Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley are in a great place with their co-parenting relationship but, unfortunately, "Teen Mom OG" viewers found something to complain about after watching Monday's night's new episode of the show.

Following years of tension, Portwood and Shirley's co-parenting relationship is going so well that he and his wife, Kristina Anderson, actually offered to watch Portwood's months-old son, James, who she shares with boyfriend Andrew Glennon, so the pair could enjoy some quiet time. However, after Portwood chose to skip out on plans to have a spa day with Shirley's wife and instead go parasailing with her daughter, leaving baby James with the couple for even more time, she faced backlash from her fans and followers on Twitter.

Amber Portwood fights back on Twitter

Shortly after seeing her followers' critical statements, Amber Portwood shared a tweet to them, fighting back against claims of bad parenting. “I never get to see [Leah Shirley] barely and now that I am you guys have the audacity to complain about me wanting to do something like parasailing with her?" she asked. As Portwood explained, parasailing is something Leah will have fun doing and a memory that will last a lifetime. As for her critics, they suggested Portwood should have never ditched James.

Gary Shirley weighs in on the parenting backlash

After seeing his former girlfriend's tweet, Shirley weighed in on the events of Monday night's "Teen Mom OG" in a couple of his own tweets.

In his first, Shirley told his online audience that all parents deserve a break once in a while, which is why he and his wife offered to take James for the night. Shirley also told his Twitter followers that he and Anderson were completely fine with watching James for as long as they did. "We don’t have a whole lot of people to lean on so we have each other," he wrote, adding, "We do our best for [Leah], Emilee, [and] James."

In a second Twitter post, Gary Shirley said viewers of the MTV reality series should learn not to judge a person based on the limited amount of scenes they see of their lives on a television program.

As he explained, viewers can never fully understand what he and Portwood go through on a day-to-day basis. "It was only one day and [Kristina and I] offered cause we knew [Amber and Andrew] needed some rest. We family," he tweeted.

To see more of Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley, and their families, tune into "Teen Mom OG" season eight, which airs every Monday night at 9 PM on MTV.