Matthew Vaughn has been given the chance to complete his "Kingsman" trilogy. Vaughn has been writer and director of the hit spy movie series. It stars Taron Egerton. Vaughn has previously said he has had plans in place for multiple Movies. EW reported that Fox has now announced a November 8, 2019 release date for the third "Kingsman" movie.

Vaughn introduced the world to the Kingsman with the 2014 film "Kingsman: The Secret Service," starring Taron Egerton and Colin Firth. Eggsy (Egerton) is recruited by Agent Harry Hart (Firth) to join a secret academy that trains him to become part of spy agency Kingsman.

Vaughn has plans to continue Kingsman story

Vaughn and his production company have said they are planning a bunch of Kingsman spin-offs, as well as this upcoming sequel. The spin-offs include a prequel movie about the Kingsman organization being started in the 1900s, and even a possible TV show about the American spy agency, the Statesman, which was introduced in the "Kingsman" sequel, "The Golden Circle."

According to AV Club, the release date for "Kingsman 3," is a sort-of jab at James Bond. The film's release date, of November 8, 2019, was the original release date for "Bond 25" before Danny Boyle left. "Bond 25" has now been delayed, allowing another British spy to claim that release date.

'Kingsman 3' plot and cast still secret

It's unclear who or what "Kingsman 3" will be about, or what to even expect, but both Egerton and Firth are rumored to be returning, which would be likely since they are the main characters. Rumors are circulating that The Rock could be in "Kingsman 3." Studio executives have not released any plot details or casting info, but Matthew Vaughn recently told Empire magazine that the third film would conclude the Hart-Eggsy relationship.

The films are based on the Mark Millar "Kingsman" comics, whose other works are being developed into a handful of Netflix films, tv shows, and comic-based projects. Millar confirmed in April that Vaughn had ideas for two sequels. The first film was a massive box office hit, earning more than $414 million globally. The second film was also popular and ended up raking in $410 million globally.

The first film introduced moviegoers to England's Secret Service and pitted Eggsy against Richmond Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson).

The 2017 sequel, which also had a cameo by Elton John, brought the British spies to America and introduced moviegoers to the American counterparts, the Statesman, played by Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Pedro Pascal, and Jeff Bridges.