Ashley Jacobs dissed Kathryn Dennis, the mother of her boyfriend’s children, calling her an “egg donor." She then broke up with her boyfriend, Thomas Ravenel. Their split was not done quietly and privately. Instead, Jacobs made an announcement for the world to see and hear during an Instagram Live video. She chased the name-calling and breakup with an apology to fans, plus Dennis. Now, Jacobs says she wants to return to the Bravo reality show “Southern Charm.”

On September 11, Decider pointed out that Ravenel’s former girlfriend wants to redeem herself.

She wants to do it for viewers so that people can see that she does have “another side.” She wants back on “Southern Charm.”

Former reality show cast member has a redemption story

Jacobs is hopeful that she may present a “redemption story” much like the one Dennis achieved. In opening up to People, Jacobs stated that her return is on-again, off-again. She’s in a position much like viewers -- left wondering after word circulates that she is off the show, and wondering once more when word circulates that she is back on. “It’s still up in the air,” she stated.

To be clear, however, Bravo has not asked Jacobs to return -- according to her and to People.

She thinks that the network might be waiting until the “last minute” before asking her to reemerge on the show. The understanding she relayed is that it is not uncommon for the network to wait until nearly the last minute to hit up cast members who are not “under contract,” People reported.

Bravo does not owe it to her to bring her back

She is a realist, too. Jacobs acknowledged that Bravo “doesn’t owe it” to her to invite her back for season six of “Southern Charm.” If she does get signed on for another season, she assured that she will play nice with her castmates. “I’m not going to fight and I’m not going to play dirty,” Decider reported.

Jacobs even said she will smile.

Jacobs believes she was too involved in boyfriend’s drama

She relayed that things went downhill as a result of getting involved in the drama that her then-boyfriend Thomas Ravenel was experiencing. Following the couple's split, TRav suggested that Jacobs cheated on him during the relationship. He later retracted the comments he made on Twitter.

While she does not plan to suck up to Kathryn, Jacobs assured that she intends to offer Kathryn a personal apology if she does rejoin the show.

She would like to tell Kathryn that she knows exactly what she went through -- in relation to being new to reality television, not in regard to being called an egg donor.

Feeling more secure, former star is ready to return

With her past relationship with TRav unfolding before cameras, she said it added vulnerability to the whole picture. She feels more secure now, however. “I want to go on the show again." She added that she wants “to show people who I really am,” according to Decider.

Jacobs is not banking entirely on Bravo. She told People that she would do “The Bachelor.” After all, as she pointed out: “You only get to live once.”

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