''This Is Us'' has by now gained status with a wide tv-series audience. A refreshing, raw and intense TV series drama, the show produced by NBC is set to return with a third chapter of what could be an even longer journey. Season 3 premiere was set for Tuesday, September 25.

Season 2 finale left us with so much on the table and the fact that we're roughly only three weeks away until the new season starts comes with a well-deserved dose of relief.

As a fan, one might have already noticed that the spill of information and updates on the show's future was generous.

Whether it was about Mandy Moore and the visit she paid to ''Jimmy Kimmel Live!'' or Dan Fogelman's tweets and insights or the latest promo (some simply labeled it as a genuine teaser), it's been easier to keep in touch with the show.

And, on top of that, it looks like we're in for another special treat with an upcoming pre-season special scheduled for September 18.

What the pre-season special all about

According to simplemost.com, it seems like we're going to have a bit of a warm-up party before the new season's official premiere.

NBC's decision to air a pre-season special is part of a bigger picture all centered around this unique atmosphere created on ''This Is Us''. A special show has its own unique way to interact with its audience and that special episode is the smart choice to do so.

This pre-season special fix will contain various ingredients. We're talking about behind the curtain videos, interviews with the cast, fun facts from the set. Some highlights from the first two seasons are also part of this mix.

This special chunk that serves a well-defined purpose is called ''The Paley Center salutes This Is Us''.

Season 3 might pursue a lighter approach

For those still behind with the current flow of events strictly related to ''This Is Us,'' the latest promo for the third season hinted at a more positive direction for the upcoming segment of the show.

A simple yet obvious fact strikes one after watching the above video. The general feeling is that the Pearson family is a bit happier compared to the past.

Basically, this promo falls in the same line Dan Fogelman spoke about a while ago.

According to bustle.com, it seems like the upcoming season will be lighter in terms of emotional consumption. But there's one thing we should always keep in mind while filtering the information through- - it's ''This Is Us'' we're talking about and the possibility of a brutal twist hangs over our heads like the mythological sword of Damocles.