"Alaskan Bush People" star Noah Brown recently got married, and his wife, Rhain Merill, is of course now called Rhain Brown. While the Brown family seems to be all supportive of Noah's new life as a married man, rumors are that there's a little drama going on. That's because Noah's sister name is Rain, as we all know, and she allegedly thinks Rhain stole it.

Rhain fights back

According to InTouch Weekly, Noah's little sister accused Rhain of stealing her name when she changed hers from Ruth to Rhain last year. Because of this, the teenager and the newlyweds are reportedly not getting along so well and Rainy even had difficulty accepting her new sister-in-law.

Meanwhile, Rhain's mother, Marilyn, told Radar Online that she had been using that name since she was in junior high, although it was legally changed from Ruth only last year. Her mother shared that back then when Rhain told them she didn't want to be called Ruth anymore, she thought her name choice was beautiful, and they "called her Rhain since then."

Rumors about the family drama involving Noah's wife had been around since they were still dating, and some of them have already been denied. The family is a close-knit pack and always support each other, even when Noah told them he wanted to go down his own path.

Will Rhain join ABP?

Marilyn also shared that Rhain is so happy and in love right now, and she is excited to move to Washington.

Given that Noah reunited with his family in last week's episode of "Alaskan Bush People," it is safe to say that people will see more of Rhain on the docu-series when she joins her husband there. Rhain was on the show during their courtship period, so it would not really be surprising to have the new Mrs. Brown on the set.

Noah and Rhain tied the knot this August in an intimate ceremony with only family and really close friends in attendance.

All the Brown family members were there, including mom Ami who fought a hard battle against late-stage cancer last year. Billy served as his son's best man and Ami presented Rhain a blue ring for her bouquet as the symbol of something borrowed. Noah expressed how he is looking forward to this new chapter in their lives as they start to build their own family.

The Browns have moved to Washington as they can't go back to Alaska. Ami needs to be near the hospital for her ongoing cancer treatment.

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