For all ''This Is Us'' fans and across the internet, the future looks as bright as possible. Season 3 has been confirmed and, what's even more exciting is that the official airing date for the first episode of the upcoming season is also out.

Therefore, for any ''This Is Us'' addict, it might be the right time to mark your calendar for September 25 when the third season will have its premiere.

A certain buzz has been revolving around this TV series drama for the past few days. Mandy Moore has recently spoken with Jimmy Kimmel and further bragged about knowing how the show is going to end.

To add even more fuel to the fire, the other day arrived with another development as Dan Fogelman, the show's mastermind, delivered a solid hint of a new narrative.

Dan Fogelman's insight partially clears the waters on 'This Is Us' future

According to, the show's creator Dan Fogelman is about to take a serious bet by infusing a bit of politics into the show. Fogelman added actor Rob Morgan into the mix. It seems like ''This Is Us'' is about to experiment with the volatile element politics tends to be once inserted into the equation.

Fogelman made it clear that the new spice won't become a dominant element for ''This Is Us'' as the new plot won't be given a central spot.

Who's ready for the Pearson family return?

The Pearsons will get our full attention since the Season 2 finale left us with so many narrative threads on the table. Working around those possible scenarios is not an easy task for an avid fan either.

With Mandy Moore bragging about knowing how ''This Is Us'' will end, the tension is back on.

Still, there's no hint of a possible show's termination in the future and the fact that Moore has knowledge about the final play can only indicate that she's a pivotal piece in this series' future development.

Several future directions into the show's future were already set when the second season finale got its final say.

Jack Pearson's past will get under the lens once again as Kevin Pearson appeared in a forward flash pursuing his father tracks in Vietnam.

Here is another element that can get some traction as Kevin appeared to be involved in another relationship and we all know how good he's at tearing them apart.

On the other side, Kate and Toby are in their own complicated bubble as we only get a short glimpse into a not so distant future where Kate has to deal with an ailing husband.

Randall and his family were part of that finale sneak peak but it's hard to anticipate how things will evolve for them.