''This Is Us'' is that one TV show that can mark a generation. According to elitedaily.com, the show is set to return on Tuesday, September 25. NBC is ready to deliver the third season of this highly-acclaimed TV series drama and what better way to heat things up rather than releasing another promo.

Earlier this year, the season 2 finale helped to create some plausible scenarios for the upcoming seasons, although, nothing can be taken for granted in a show that has never stopped surprising us with its twists and turns.

Whether it was about its narrative course or the characters' dynamics, ''This Is Us'' creators have never stopped delivering the goods.

Knowing how instrumental Jack and Rebecca are in the show's bigger picture, the fact that the latest piece of information focuses on these two particular characters shouldn't come as a surprise.

The promo shows many possible trajectories

It's extraordinary how a 30 seconds long clip can encapsulate such a big number of characters and actions.

A fast-moving sequence of short videos offers a solid bridge so that the audience might have a chance to reconnect with that unique universe ''This Is Us'' has become over the past two years. Back in 2016, on September 20, the pilot episode was released. Less than 24 months in the future, this TV series drama has established its own trademark. Moreover, it seems like it has been here since forever.

Season 3 official promo goes way back in the past, basically where things really started, Ab Initio if we're to use a Latin quote.

Apart from presenting all the narrative vectors (main characters), this promo has Jack Pearson's monologue at its center.

We get a chance to learn more about Jack's deepest desire and his confession to Miguel that he had found the perfect match for him.

Having a chance to get closer to Jack and Rebecca's first date is something most of the viewers have on their list.

More on Jack Pearson and the war in Vietnam

''This is Us'' is not only about sugary relationships and warm feelings. This show has built itself a reputation by delivering high-intensity drama. According to DigitalSpy.com, Dan Fogelman, the show's creator, headed on to Twitter to stir things up.

Perhaps Jack Pearson's less analyzed chapter was the time he spent serving his country during the war in Vietnam. Well, that's about to change thanks to Fogelman.

Even if we did learn and watched how Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) died, he's still the biggest character of the show and those flashbacks are part of the plan. Moreover, we get to form a more vivid and complete picture of this brilliantly executed character.