Javi Marroquin, from MTV’s “Teen Mom 2,” is completely incensed about references to him and about his marriage to star Kailyn Lowry, which she cited in her latest Book entitled “A Letter of Love.” That he did not consent to be included in her memoir led Marroquin to also note on Twitter on September 22 that he might engage a lawyer to address the situation, according to the Celebrity Insider.

The aspect of Lowry’s new book that triggered such a strong reaction from Marroquin stems from her continuously referencing him in media while she claims to want him out of her “story” and felt regrets from the early stages of their relationship.

Additionally, Marroquin mentioned the former couple’s son is already facing a disadvantage due to his parents’ divorce, Radar Online reported on September 23. To have alleged details of their relationship splayed in a book could hurt their young son more so, he fears.

Timing of angry tweets coincided with article published

The impetus for the timing of Marroquin’s reaction was an article published by The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. On September 21, The Ashley’s cited that Lowry stated in her book that she “knew” her marriage to Marroquin “was doomed from the start.”

After a Twitter account holder broached the possible effects of the book on the ex-couple’s son, who is 4, Marroquin tweeted, “He’s already behind the curve cause his parents didn’t work out then to read it?” The former couple parted ways in 2016.

Teen dad believes it is time to ‘Move on’

As he tweeted, he aims to “Move on.” He is right. Marroquin and Lauren Comeau, his girlfriend, are going to have their first child together. Comeau is pregnant, as Radar Online and US Magazine reminded us.

Lowry explained previously that she authored the book for her three sons, most especially her youngest son Lux, whose father is Chris Lopez.

She also shares son Isaac, 8, with Jo Rivera. Her relationship with Rivera and her teen pregnancy led MTV to cast her in the first of its “Teen Mom” franchised shows titled “16 and Pregnant.”

Anger does not diminish points father mentioned

Though evidently angry while he was tweeting about his former wife’s book does not discount that some points he raised, and merit reflection.

For instance, Marroquin stated that, since Lowry has relayed in media that her memoir is for her sons, why was it important to include relationship-specific details about Lincoln’s dad that could end up hurting their son emotionally as he grows up?

The Ashley’s was enabled to share details from Lowry’s book after attaining an advanced copy, which the publisher provided to press. If the details remain in the edition that is destined for actual publication, Lowry’s and Marroquin’s son will most probably read one day that his mother felt that marrying his father was a huge mistake. So not cool for a child, of any age, to see about their parents.

Javi asks ex-wife to stop communicating about him

Lowry tweeted that when she married Marroquin, she “was young and ignored red flags," apparently what most would call desperate, Radar Online noted.

Not quite ready to drop the subject, Marroquin responded by posting, “Stop tweeting about me. Stop seeking validation. Move on, please.”

Fans of “Teen Mom 2” and social media followers feel hopeful that Lincoln’s parents may come to a resolution. Possibly, one day, Marroquin and Lowry might get along better and co-parent much as she does with Rivera, whose wedding she attended on September 23 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Rivera married his fiancée Vee Torres.

As much as fans want to see Lincoln's parents work out their issues with each other, "Teen Mom 2" cast member Maci Bookout has offered an update about co-parenting her son Bentley with her ex Ryan Edwards following his arrest.

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