Pittsburgh-born Actor Jared Scott only moved to Hollywood a couple of years ago, and he’s already snagged several plum acting gigs.

In addition to headlining the new Lifetime thriller ‘’The Wrong Friend’’, and starring as Forrest on the web series “Turnt” the model turned actor recently shot the lead in highly anticipated romantic drama ‘’Before the Dawn’’, playing a young man who falls for his teacher.

Jared discussed this role and more via an exclusive interview on September 24, 2018.

Acting, modeling, and Hollywood

Meagan Meehan (MM): How does one get into the acting game, or let me rephrase that, how did you get into it?

Jared Scott (JS): For me, I always had a strong desire to create. Whether it was through drawing, animation, playing guitar, or visual effects. It wasn’t until later my desire to perform really kicked in. One day, I just decided to jump into acting classes and put myself out there.

MM: Have you found that it’s easier to land parts of a certain type?

JS: Not necessarily. Obviously, I don’t fit into certain types of roles. However, I am lucky in that I can play and look like a variety of characters. Whether it’s a jock, a love interest, a villain, a musician, a nerd, an over-eager assistant, and many others.

MM: What was your first film out of the gate?

JS: My first ever film was a film I wrote and shot myself when I was in high school!

My first actual feature film I was the lead in was ‘Before the Dawn,’ which is still in post-production.

MM: What have you learned about the acting game since arriving in Hollywood?

JS: I learned that it is definitely no game. It’s a very serious business that you have to work at constantly because it will always find a way to reject you.

However, make sure you’re having fun and being you within the work.

MM: You were from Pittsburgh originally, is that right?

JS: Yes! My entire family and I are from there, and that’s where I grew up. In fact, if I wasn’t a Steelers fan, I’d probably be disowned.

MM: Was/is there much of an acting industry in Pittsburgh?

JS: Other than local commercials, student films, and being an extra in bigger productions shooting there, there isn’t a whole lot.

That’s why I had to move to Los Angeles so that I could be in the thick of the entertainment industry.

MM: What came first – the modeling or the acting?

JS: Modelling came first. I was actually a part of the “Price is Right Male Model Contest” as the youngest contestant. I made it to the top 5 but didn’t win due to my lack of acting experience. That pushed me to learn acting. Since then, my passion for acting and modeling remain strong.

MM: And do you find they go hand-in-hand?

JS: Yes. They both teach how to be comfortable in front of a camera and to not judge yourself so harshly when looking at the photos or a take.

Films, series, and characters

MM: This year, you’ve had a few films out by looks.

Which one are you proudest of?

JS: I’m proud of all of them! “The Wrong Friend” allowed me to really dig with the character and find parts of myself that could be so dark and malevolent. ‘Before the Dawn,’ which will be coming out later in the year, let me open up as a person and be completely emotionally vulnerable. ‘Rockstar,’ which was nominated recently for Best Short Film at the Burbank Film Festival and many other festivals, allowed me to have fun and explore my inner rocker.

MM: What was the more challenging part to play and is “Turnt” your first series?

JS: I’d say my character Chris Andrews in ‘The Wrong Friend’ and Jason Walker in ‘Before the Dawn’ were equally challenging. Just in different ways.

Yes, it’s my first series and one of Facebook’s too!

MM: Can you tell us about your character in “Turnt”?

JS: My character’s name is Forrest. He’s what I like to call a lovable dumb dumb. He may look like the stereotypical jock to people, but on the inside, he’s a goodhearted, funny, caring, and selfless friend. He also likes to hit on girls, a little too much.

MM: Where would you like to be in 10 years?

JS: I’d like to be on stage, with a little man named Oscar in my hand, as a result of working with many talented filmmakers and actors.