Shannon Beador had a bit of a meltdown, during a cast trip to Jamaica while filming on the currently airing season of "The Real Housewives of Orange County," and actually demanded the Bravo TV cameras stop filming her and her co-stars. According to a sneak peek at the remaining episodes of season 13, shared by Entertainment Tonight earlier this week, the drama began when Beador's co-stars began seemingly making fun of her finances in the midst of her messy divorce battle with estranged husband David Beador.

“[Shannon] crying over her $13,000 a month rent?!” Kelly Dodd scoffed in the preview clip.

“She’s got rich girl problems,” Vicki Gunvalson added. Then, after their jokes about Beador's supposed struggles, the ladies began to take aim at Beador's inability to be a good friend other co-stars, including her on-screen best friend Tamra Judge. According to Emily Moore-Simpson, who joined the Bravo TV show earlier this year, Judge told her Beador had "no time" for her.

“[Tamra Judge] will tell you I am a very good friend to her!” Beador insisted during a group dinner. “OK, let’s let Tamra tell her,” Gina Kirschenheiter replied. Meanwhile, Judge didn't appear to be thrilled with having to own up to her comment and exclaimed, “Oh, f**k me!” That said, she didn't actually have to come forward before Beador erupted in anger and stormed away from the group meal.

Shannon Beador wanted Bravo TV cameras turned off

“How dare you?!” she yelled at Judge before engaging in an argument with Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson. Then, before retreating back to her hotel room, Beador lashed out at the Bravo TV production crew, demanding they quit filming the events that were taking place. “Stop! I mean it,” she insisted.

Where do Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge stand today?

Months ago, Beador confirmed she and her longtime friend were just fine today, despite the drama they endured during their show's 13th season. As she explained during a July interview with Entertainment Tonight, Beador said Judge remains one of her best friends and said they talk each and every day.

Beador went on to say that just like any relationship, there are going to be ups and downs and arguments. "It's how you resolve those arguments and how quickly you can move forward from them," she reasoned.

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