Will Smith is well known for a wide variety of roles in Hollywood Movies and in order to celebrate his 50th birthday, he decided to do something different. Bungee jumping is a sport that requires concentration and determination and those who do it normally operate from stationary platforms. However, Will Smith chose to do it from a helicopter which would be in motion. He chose the venue of the Grand Canyon and the event was watched by a large group consisting of his family and friends.

BBC reports that Will Smith appeared to be a bit nervous before the bungee jump which was natural.

Once he completed the feat, he was a relieved man and shared the moment on his YouTube channel. Watching him were his wife and kids along with his friend Alfonso Ribeiro.

It was a challenge

The bungee jump was the result of a challenge by Yes theory, and Will Smith accepted it. He undertook the perilous task to raise awareness of the charity Global Citizen. Its aim is to end extreme poverty by 2030. The jump was a tiny step to raise funds for spreading education. The money will be earmarked to finance a project called Education Cannot Wait.

Its main purpose will be to make education accessible to a large spectrum of children.

Incidentally, he stole a glance into the depths of the Grand Canyon as he was dangling on the edge of the helicopter. It was a sight he will never forget because he immediately shook his head and shouted back a caution to not look down. It was all about commitment.

As he philosophized – “life is hard, you might get hurt, your heart might get broken, you might lose your job, but you've still got to commit."

Will Smith remembered his father

According to Sky News, after Will Smith lost his father, the actor felt that the idea of coming face to face with death is what makes life worth living.

He described the experience of bungee jumping near the Grand Canyon as going from "pure terror to absolute bliss". It was a challenge that he accepted from Yes Theory. This is a YouTube channel that specializes in testing people to their limits, and Will has passed out with flying colors.

Will Smith is a versatile actor and has given memorable performances in movies like “Independence Day (1996)”, “Men In Black (1997)” and “Enemy of the State (1998).” He has also bagged a number of awards and it is quite possible that he might use the experience of bungee jumping in one of his future movies. Some actors love to do their own action sequences and he could join that list.