Pokemon Sun and Moon: After Necrozma possessed Solgaleo and returned to the Ultra Dimension in last week's episode, Ash and his friends decide to travel to the other side of Ultra Hole and rescue Solgaleo. Overall, the episode didn't really showcase any major battles, but we finally got to see Bebenom's evolved form.

Recap of Ep 89

The episode starts with Team Rocket planning to capture Lunala at the Pokemon School. They intend to hand Lunala over to Giovanni, but Lunala, along with Ultra Guardians, departs from the School's secret base in order to rescue Solgaleo.

Lusamine prepares to follow them as well, but Professor Kukui and Sauboh ask her to stay and they'll go instead because Team Rocket's Matori Matrix unit might appear again. Lunala opens an Ultra Hole and travels to the other side, Ultra Guardians follow as well. Meanwhile, Matori Matrix also prepares to enter the Ultra Hole in their aircraft when suddenly, they are attacked by Professor Kukui's Braviary. Professor Kukui and Sauboh tell them they won't let Team Rocket get in Ultra Guardian's way.

The Ultra Guardians arrive at the other side of Ultra Hole and are suddenly attacked by someone. Kaki counters the attack with Charizard's Flamethrower attack. Ash and his friends find out they were attacked by a Horde of Bebenom because they were in a Bebenom nest.

Ash's Bebenom explains to his friends that they are not their enemies. A giant Pokemon (Agoyon) comes out of the nest but falls down on the ground. Ultra Guardians exclaim that the giant Pokemon resembles Bebenom.

Lusamine and Burnet try to find out more about the mural and see how UB: Black is related to the Radiant One. Ash and his friends try to help Agoyon and offer it Obon berries when suddenly they hear a voice which thanks them for their help.

It turns out that Agoyon was using its telepathy ability to interact with them. Agoyon tells them that they should let Necrozma absorb Solgaleo's power because they really need it. Furthermore, it explains that Necrozma was once the Radiant One who filled this world with energy, but after stopping a massive meteor from destroying their land, it lost all its light and became UB: Black.

The land has been barren since then and it could only be changed if UB: Black becomes the Radiant One again.

Agoyon explains that Solgaleo and Lunala are their only hope now. If Necrozma absorbs their Ultra Aura, it'll become the Radiant One again. Lili mentions that this scenario is similar to the legend of the Radiant One. Lunala and Dusk Mane Necrozma appear again and start to fight. Gladio says that they'll have to stop the Necrozma, but Ash replies that Bebenom's world will never see light again if they stop Necrozma. He also says that they'll have to save everything. Mamane tells everyone that they could share their Z-Power with Necrozma and it might leave Solgaleo from its possession.

On the other side of the Ultra Hole, Professor Kukui and Sauboh try to stop Team Rocket, but Gozu attacks them with his Mega Aggron and defeats their Pokemon in one hit.

Jessie and the others watch them from their Meowth balloon and plan to capture the Pokemon as soon as they come out of the Ultra Hole. In this scene, James is drawn just like Goku and he also has a Super Saiyan aura around him.

Lusamine and Burnet finally find that in order to fill Necrozma with energy again, humans and Pokemon, along with Solgaleo and Lunala will have to share their energy with Necrozma. On the other side of the Ultra Hole, Ash, Suiren, Kaki, and Gladio use their Z-moves to share their energy with Necrozma.

Next episode preview

The next episode is titled "Connect to the Future! The Legend of the Radiant One!" and is set to be air on September 13.